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Photo by Colin Medley.

ARB Food: Beau’s Beer Garden

By Jordan Duff on August 18, 2016


Beaus Summer in the City

Pay special attention to the event offerings on the 19th and 20th, when the Beau’s Beer Garden will be in full swing in partnership with Beyond the Pale Brewing: Two breweries that know definitely how to bring the party.

The Beau’s Summer in the City Beer Garden will be located in Festival Village, adjacent to Concert Village at City Hall. It’s gastronomical village neighbours will include numerous food vendors, including a Union Local 613 Cocktail Bar and Dash food truck. Entrance to the 2-day Festival Village requires a separate $10 wristband (available online or at the gates). But you can feel good about it because proceeds benefit the Ottawa Food Bank.

Photo by Colin Medley.

Photo by Colin Medley.

Photo by Colin Medley.

Photo by Colin Medley.

When asked about the importance of teaming up with Beau’s and keeping the beer selection local, Creative Director, Rolf Klausener told us:

“We love forging connections; and naturally, there isn’t as much joy connecting your friends/community to what they already know. We like to play show and tell with our city’s best kept secrets. Food and drink are in every way as artful as music, film or literature. And just like our local music scene, the number of Ottawa-based breweries is growing every year. Regions have their own patois and rituals; that’s something to marvel at. We like to think our music, art, food and drink are an intrinsic part of that fabric. Why not celebrate that? And in the same way that we invite our favourite national and international acts to connect with our local scene, perhaps someday we’ll invite a few of our favourite national/international, independent breweries to join in the party.”

Beer as art: can’t disagree with that!

In addition to the killer live music and fantastic food, let’s look at the beer setlist:

Beyond the Pale will bring Pink Fuzz, Pale Ale Project, and Saison Tropicale. Beau’s taps will feature Lug-tread, Märzen and Golden Vox. Beau’s will also be pouring a rotating mystery tap (intrigue!) throughout the festival, once they blow a keg, a different type will be tapped! Standing ovations for that lineup!

Though I hoped to tastefully close this article with a lyric from Summer in the City by The Lovin` Spoonful, I’ll spare us all the trouble.