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Apt613 Live for October 7, 2015

By Michaella Francom on October 7, 2015

This week on Apt613 Live, Michaella interviews mentalist Jaymes White, who does a spooky cold reading on her!  White recently made some predictions about the future here in Ottawa, which were written on slips of paper, sealed in an envelope, placed in a tin, and then baked into a loaf of bread, currently on display at Boko Bakery on Elgin.  His predictions will be revealed on October 9th.

We also report on a show happening at the Daily Grind with multi-disciplinary visual artist Mailyne Briggs, who is part of the Zero Waste movement to reduce the amount of garbage we produce.  Her works will be on display and she’ll be doing a live art performance, along with musical artists Clio Em and Scary Bear Soundtrack.

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