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Apt613 Live for May 5, 2014

By Michaella Francom on May 8, 2015

Hey kids!

May has arrived in all its glory.  The perfect opportunity to open up some windows, let the fresh air in and tune in to find out what’s going on in Ottawa (and with a mere few months of good weather you’d better believe it’s a lot!)

This week Live contributor Ania Szneps sat down with Saw Video director Penny McCann to get an idea about their ambitious Cultural Engineering project: how it got started and what they’re hoping it will contribute to the Arts Court redevelopment as we move towards the 2017 deadline for a new-and-improved arts-hub here in Ottawa.

Music as always from local favourites like Kalle Mattson and Saint Clare, plus a little flavour from visiting talents Gateway Drugs and The Wooden Sky.

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