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Apt613 is seeking more editors

By Apt613 Caretaker on October 6, 2020


We’re looking for help around Apartment613. Right now we’re seeking casual editors who will come through at the busy times, take the odd weekday shift, or coordinate special projects at-large. Nous cherchons aussi des bénévoles bilingues.

If you’re somebody who can bring editing and technical skills and experience to the blog, we’d love to hear from you. As of today, you can apply to be a casual editor. These are volunteer positions which provide training and honoraria.

The key responsibilities of Apt613 editors are communicating with contributors and community members, answering questions, providing feedback to writers, and ensuring contributor guidelines are adhered to. Other than the occasional editorial co-work session on Slack or Google Hangouts—where we get together to screen pitches, share story ideas in the Apt613 contributor pool, assign and review deadlines—you’ll log in remotely to edit, format, and schedule new posts.

Ideally, new editors come familiar with WordPress and Gmail, however, we can provide an introduction (and refreshers) for folks who haven’t much prior experience. Audio, video, and social media skills would also be considered assets. Above all else, you’re somebody thorough and organized who will find creative ways to encourage and engage our readers and contributors.

Apartment613 is looking for editors to volunteer for a variety of roles. If you’d like to get involved, please apply online to be a volunteer editor.