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Apt613 Fellowship: Ottawa’s C & C Dept. featuring Tyrin

By Sanita Fejzić on August 19, 2015

Ottawa’s Compliments & Complaints Department is a featured column supported by the Apt613 Fellowship Program. The aim is to spotlight locals from different hoods of the capital, letting them celebrate this city and share their constructive criticisms.

Centretown_1bName: Tyrin Kelly

About: Tyrin is 18 years old. He works at Tim Horton’s and plays music. In September, he’ll study Journalism in university.

Hood: I met up with Tyrin in Centretown, by the Herb & Spice. He was grabbing a bite to eat after his band practice. Check out his band, Weed Mom, here.

Complaint: Everyone’s friendly but everyone is too afraid to talk to each other. You’ll be like “hi,” and they’ll look at you weirdly. But I feel like that’s not just specific to Ottawa.

Compliment: Ottawa is beautiful in every way. Everyone is nice, there are always things to do. The music scene is thriving and alive. I love Gabba Hey, Raw Sugar & Pressed Cafe.

Recommendation: I recommend Herb & Spice, where I’m eating right now. There’s Troubadour Books & Records, Black Squirrel Books (but they moved to Sunnyside and Bank). Just walking around Centretown, you find new things, there’s always something to do.



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