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Apt613 Fellowship: Ottawa’s C & C Dept. featuring Sacha

By Sanita Fejzić on August 12, 2015

Ottawa’s Compliments & Complaints Department is a featured column supported by the Apt613 Fellowship Program. The aim is to spotlight locals from different hoods of the capital, letting them celebrate this city and share their constructive criticisms.

SashaName: Sacha K.

About: Sacha is half Jewish on his dad’s side. He plays music and likes Ottawa more than most people.

Hood: Centretown

Complaint: People aren’t working hard enough to make sure other people belong. Businesses and people everywhere should just make it clear that you’re not racist, or homophobic or an asshole.

Compliment: The cool stuff about Ottawa is beneath the surface so it’s more exciting when you find it. You have to find it for yourself for it to be special for you. I like Gabba Hey, Black Squirrel Books and a few great parks.

Recommendation: Herb & Spice has really great samosas. Spaceman Music has really cool audio equipment.



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