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Apt613 candidates survey: Ottawa-Centre

By Karen Diepeveen on April 28, 2011

Photo courtesy Dean Terry on Flickr.

Survey by Natasha Mooney and Chris Connolly

Apt613’s election correspondents have continued on in their intrepid task – tracking down Ottawa’s local candidates and finding out where they spend their happy hour. And while these details might not change your vote, they’ll give you a bit of a sneak preview as to exactly what kind of person your riding will send to the Hill.

Towards that end, election correspondents Natasha Mooney and Chris Connolly sent out a questionnaire to local candidates in a number of Ottawa ridings, asking them to identify their favourite summer festival, greasy meal, etc. To fill out our survey, we added three meaty questions to the mix:
1) What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community?
2) Why should our readers vote for you?
3) How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

In our second installment of our investigative survey reports, we’ve got the candidates of Ottawa-Centre, with answers from candidates representing the four largest parties. (Oren Mazor, the candidate for the Pirate Party, didn’t respond to our attempts to contact him. If you know how we could get in touch please email us at Editor’s note: When we sent the questions out Mazor had indicated he would run – but he ended up not filing his papers in time and thus was not on the ballot.

Quirky fact: Beau’s made it to the favourite things list of three of the candidates. Find out which ones are prone to consuming the local brew below!

Scott BRADLEY – Liberal Party
What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community

I came to Ottawa in 1994 to work for a cabinet minister on Parliament Hill. It’s here where I settled down with my wife and our three kids. Volunteerism is a big part of my life. I’ve been involved with Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association and Easter Seals, and coached my kids’ hockey and soccer teams. I play guitar in a band (the 20th Century Boys), and we’ve played many gigs supporting the Ottawa Food Bank and Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre.

Why should our readers vote for you?

Since I was nominated as the Liberal candidate, I’ve knocked on more than 17,000 doors. I’ve been at over 200 events to talk about the issues important to our community.

People are tired of the Harper Government eroding our institutions and muzzling our public servants. It needs to stop. If you’re the MP for Oshawa, you’re standing up for the auto-workers. In Ottawa Centre, we need an MP who champions the public service. I will be that voice.

How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

I’ve partnered with local artists at venues such as the Wall Space Gallery for several events, and I would continue this relationship as your MP. On a larger scale, a Liberal government will significantly increase support for Canadian artists and creators by doubling the annual budget of the Canada Council for the Arts, from $180 million to $360 million over the next four years.

Favourite Things

Happy hour: Can’t beat Friday afternoons at the patio of the Heart and Crown on Preston

Lunch hangout: No question, Dirienzo’s on Beech

Coffee shop: Bridgehead. Any Bridgehead.

Bar: Elmdale Tavern, particularly if we’ve got a gig.

Greasy meal: Breakfast at Newport (and it’s not that greasy)

Healthy meal: The Table (the only vegetarian restaurant I’ve been to!)

Community group: Great new local organization – Dress for Success

Green space: Experimental Farm or a frozen Rideau Canal (call it White Space!)

Iconic landmark: The Prescott

Summer festival: Westfest

Local product: Kichesippi Beer (With Beau’s not a bad alternate)

Beavertail flavor: Killaloe Sunrise.

Place to waste a Saturday:
At the hockey rink with the kids

Ottawa guilty pleasure: Drooling at all the guitars on the wall at Lauzon Music.

Locally grown celebrity: Bruce Cockburn (the second best musician named Bruce)

Sporting venue: Traveller’s League games at the Ottawa Civic Centre

Arts venue: Andrew King’s last show at Wallspace was pretty impressive, but any of our great local galleries will fit the bill.

Paul DEWAR – New Democratic Party (Incumbent)
What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community?

Born and raised in Ottawa Centre, I’ve lived in most neighbourhoods in the riding. I volunteered for community organizations, from environmental groups and neighbourhood associations to an immigrant settlement organization. Since my first election in 2006, I’ve remained active in the community by holding community dialogues on various issues ranging from the arts, cycling, local economy to the redevelopment of the Lebreton Flats. I meet with community representatives regularly and attend events.

Why should our readers vote for you?

Because we share the same values and want community action to protect the environment, build a healthy community, promote cycling and build a better world.

How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

By taking action on the advice of people in the arts community, starting with the ideas that came out of my community dialogue on arts and culture: alleviating poverty among artists, supporting and promoting art education, ensuring sustained arts funding, developing Ottawa’s arts and culture reputation, and promoting an arts vision for Canada.

Favourite Things

Lunch hangout: Savana Café

Coffee shop: Bridgehead

Bar: The Atomic Rooster

Greasy meal: The Elgin Diner

Healthy meal: The Green Door

Community group: Ottawa Riverkeeper

Green space: Gatineau Park

Iconic landmark: Celtic Cross

Summer festival: Fringe Festival

Local product: Beau’s and Kichesippi

Beavertail flavor: Killaloe Sunrise

Place to waste a Saturday: Huh?!

Ottawa guilty pleasure: Chocolate Croissant at Bread and Sons

Locally grown celebrity: Kellylee Evans

Sporting venue: Shinny at Brantwood Park outdoor rink.

Arts venue: Great Canadian Theatre Company

Jen HUNTER – Green Party
What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community

I fell in love with Ottawa Centre when I lived here after graduating from Queen’s in 1991-92. I returned from elsewhere in 1998 and have been here ever since, having bought a home in old Ottawa East over ten years ago. After traveling beaucoup for work, I have been very locally involved with Leadership Ottawa, Algonquin College Green Business Management, Equal Voice, Real Conversations, Sustainable Enterprise Alliance, and beginning of Slow among other cool things.

Why should our readers vote for you?

I am personally, professionally and from a party perspective a great choice. Honest, passionate, hard working, dedicated and visionary! And don’t you think it’s time we has more women in office?

How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

By advocating for a deeper sense of inclusion and respect for arts and culture in our federal budgets. By using my communication vehicles to share and highlight the fabulous opportunities to participate in and support the arts and culture in our community!

Favourite Things

Happy hour: Yes, love it! Particularly après ski or on a patio – this has changed at the moment since I have a baby and I am breast feeding

Lunch hangout: Thyme & Again, The Wild Oat and a new one Vitae Mine

Coffee shop: Bridgehead, and my local one Cuppedia

Bar: the Manx or the Wellington Gastropub

Greasy meal: breakfast at Bramasole Diner

Healthy meal: The Green Door, or a dinner at home with family and friends

Green space: The canal and Rideau river pathways are a tie for me- great riding, running, walking, strolling and blading

Iconic landmark: Parliament 😀

Summer festival: Art in the Park and Bluesfest – but I love Capital Race weekend, Winterlude,the Gatineau hot air balloon festival and of course, CANADA DAY!

Local product: Beau’s, French Baker Chocolatine, and la Siembra’s Camino chocolates!

Beavertail flavor: maple – messy but well worth it (like life)

Place to waste a Saturday: Lucky Ron at the Laff

Ottawa guilty pleasure: time at Saab Salon Spa on Bank – great team, juicy services and Aveda products

Locally grown celebrity: Alanis Morissette, Kathleen Edwards as well as spoken word artists Ian Keteku, John Akpata and Ghettostocracy by Oni Joseph

Sporting venue: We have been known to walk to Lansdowne for the 67s which is especially a hit with international visitors or the under five crowd

Arts venue:Cube Gallery and Great Canadian Theatre Company

Damian KONSTANTINAKOS– Conservative Party
What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community

My roots here go back over 100 years to when my mother’s family ran a small business on Somerset St. I was born and raised in Ottawa and my wife and I have lived in Ottawa Centre for ten years. I have been very involved in the community and most recently lent my support to the Ottawa Run for the Reach. I’ve been involved in local politics for years as an advocate for the concerns of Ottawa Centre residents.

Why should our readers vote for you?

Growing up in Ottawa Centre, I appreciate the vibrant and unique lifestyle here. I recognize our potential as a growing economic force in a fast-changing economy. I want to bring my engineering and business management perspectives to Parliament to help our local economy prosper, and help to attract the brightest and best from around the world to a city known for its high quality of life.

How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

Culture contributes to Ottawa’s attractiveness as a centre in the knowledge-based economy. Our art galleries, theatres venues and vibrant music scene in Ottawa Centre add to the “coolness” factor. A Conservative Government will encourage participation in arts and culture through tax credits to be paid to parents when they enroll their children in arts, culture and sports.

Favourite Things

One of my favourite places to eat is the Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli, right across from my
campaign office on Wellington St. W.

I am fortunate to live close to the Rideau Canal – one of the best spots in the city – with
the path to stroll along during the spring and summer, and the ice to skate on during the

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