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Apartment613 Live: it’s the most wonderful Time(raiser) of the year

By Trevor Pritchard on November 21, 2012

Photo via Jen's Art and Soul on Flickr

Listen here or on iTunes. Or tune in to CHUO 89.1 FM every Wednesday at 9 p.m.

So, an admission: whenever someone mentions Timeraiser, the annual art auction that took place this past weekend at the National Gallery of Canada, I immediately think of this horrifying guy. And then I end up mildly terrified.

But! The good news is that none of the Timeraiser-related guests who descended upon our studios in the basement of the University of Ottawa for this episode of Apartment613 Live are in the business of harvesting human souls, as far as I know. We chat with Paul Sharp, one of the many artists whose work was available to be purchased with a handy donation of volunteer hours. We speak with Amanda Munday, one of the organizers of the event—now in its fifth year here in the capital. And we get in touch with Tessa Mintz of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation—one of the agencies that will benefit from those art-loving volunteers—to discuss global entrepreneurship week.

And of course, we play a whole schwack of good music, while also mangling the name of one album at the start of the show (sorry, guys in the Mohawk Lodge, your new album is called Damaged Goods) and playing the wrong Jenn Grant song at the end. Volunteer-powered radio, everyone!


  • The Mohawk Lodge, “Using Your Love”
  • Rah Rah, “I’m a Killer”
  • Dave Norris and Local Ivan, “There’s Lonely, There’s Lonelier”
  • Cuff the Duke, “The Ballad of Poor John Henry”
  • Jenn Grant, “All Year”
  • Jenn Grant, “You’ll Go Far”


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