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Apartment613 Live: Guests from Vanier Now, Open Data, and Victoire Boutique

By Chris Cline on December 11, 2012

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This week Ryan was joined by Mike and Mike of Vanier Now fame, the foremost experts on the study of Vanier. They’re at the forefront of the collision (or collusion) of many disparate elements that are changing the very fabric of the neighbourhood, and over the last year their blog has become a beacon for those changes.

Edward Ocampo-Gooding from Open Data took us into the local municipal data mines and gave us a look at the kind of awesome initiatives that can be made when that data is put to good use. Think ambient music generated by local bus schedules, efficient garbage pickup and other cool data mashups.

Regine from Victoire gave us an impassioned look at the kind of chutzpah it takes to run a small business, which is especially important considering that our Support Local campaign just ended. The takeaway? It’s important to support local businesses and initiatives year-round if you want these interesting independent retail outlets to survive. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what Regine has to say in her own words by checking out the podcast. Then go buy some local goods!


  • Aidan Knight, “Singer Songwriter”
  • Serena Ryder, “Merry-go-round”
  • Jim Bryson, “Fleetwood”
  • Hey Rosetta, “Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel”
  • Diamond Rings, “I’m Just Me”
  • Jenn Grant, “Green Grows the Lilac”