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Apartment613 Live for August 22, 2013

By Chris Cline on August 23, 2013

Tune in to Apartment613 Live every Thursday at 5pm on CHUO 89.1 FM. If you miss it, you can catch this week’s show using the handy Soundcloud widget below. And remember to subscribe to the podcast version of the show on iTunes.

This week, Karen was joined by Malorie Bertrand and Amie Beausoleil, co-founders of the Unshaven Mavens. The Mavens have been growing their pits for tits for three years now, and this year’s campaign launches with a party at the Mercury Lounge on September 6.

Next, Karen was joined by Hannah Watt, who told us how this week’s Capital Pride festivities are going.

Here are the tracks we played on this week’s show:
Fevers – Pray for sound
Hilotrons – Runaway heart
Slim Moore and the Mar Kays – Cityscape
Camp Radio – Suffocating city
Andrea Simms Karp – Magpie
Fevers- They want blood
Loon Choir- Spiral
Amos The Transparent – As far as you can run