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Apartment613 Launch Party Update: tickets still available, one-on-one with Operation Go Home, door prize from the NAC!

By Ryan Saxby Hill on June 12, 2009

Apt613 Launch Party on 6/13

Thanks to Eve Duhamel for her help with our poster!

For all you Apartment613 lovers out, there don’t sweat it – you can still get tickets for our launch party this weekend (buy online here!) – we’ve even got a couple of things to to sweeten the deal.

First and foremost, keep in mind that the proceeds of the event are going to support the work of Operation Go Home. I reached Gerald at OGH to get some more information on the organization, what they do and what their plans are:

apt613: What is the mandate of Operation Go Home? How have the goals of the program changed or become more focused?
OGH: The mandate of Operation Go Home is to prevent homeless youth from becoming homeless adults.  Over the past 3 decades the organization has grown from being a only a reunite program (the original mandate) to now include a drop-in center, an education program, employment programs, outreach and of course continuing with the original reunite program.

apt613: Can you highlight some successes of Operation Go

OGH: Over the past year we have reunited over 100 youth with their families. We have had several students in our education program graduate with their GED and others who have received high school certificates. Within the past 6 months we have started 2 small business programs, one called Beadworks where youth make jewelry and another called Bottleworks which collects empty liquor bottles from bars and restaurants. We also moved to our new location: 179 Murray Street, next to St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts and Humanities.

apt613: What are your plans for the upcoming year?

OGH: We want to continue delivering quality programs, complete some more repair work on our location and hold some successful upcoming fund raising events.

apt163: How can the Ottawa community help Operation Go Home? What do you need most to help out?
OGH: Donations are always welcome, depending on the need for items. Volunteers are always appreciated. Most of all, we would like an educated and aware public who are informed of homelessness in the city of Ottawa.

In other news…

We are also happy to announce that the NAC has given us a couple of tickets to one of the great performances they are putting on for their 2009 dance season. Everyone who shows up tomorrow night will have a chance to win tickets to the show “To Be Straight with You,” which will be on this November.

The NAC’s description for the show states:

To Be Straight With You is hard-hitting and passionate, incorporating dance, text, documentary, animation, and film. Performances are intense, but anger and emotion are leavened with humanity, compassion, and humour. Staged with vivid imagination, daring, and technological skill, the nine exceptional performers dance with a beauty that is wildly at odds with the cruelty of the anti-gay prejudice of which they speak.

We hope you’ll be able to make it out on Saturday! Email us with any questions.