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An interview with Swedish film director Petter Ringbom

By Chris Cline on September 10, 2014

Swedish born documentary film director Petter Ringbom joined Apt613 Live show host Esmeralda Smith Romero from his home in New York to discuss his latest film Shield and Spear which will be featured at the One World Film Festival fundraising evening tomorrow night, Thursday September 11th, at the Bytowne theatre.

The film features the stories of South African artists struggling with the crossroads of social and/or political censorship, race, identity and the arts in this new democracy.

One World Film Festival program manager, Pixie Cram, tells us in an interview to be featured on CHUO 89.1 FM tonight, that the film was selected because of its perceived applicability to the art activism context in Ottawa.

Tickets to the event can be purchased at the Bytowne theatre box office.

Check out the interview in the Soundcloud embed below: