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Image courtesy of 613TV

Amuse Bouche Episode 3: Oat Couture Oatmeal Café

By Shannon Ing, Philippe Ha, and Rebecca Lee on January 25, 2019

Ask any crew member of 613TV what we talk about the most, and they’ll tell you, it’s food.

Join us, every last Friday of the month, when we eat the best food Ottawa has to offer. There are only three rules when making our restaurant picks:

  1. Meals cost $20 or less
  2. It’s locally and independently owned
  3. It’s got to taste great

This month, your co-hosts Shannon Ing (right) and Rebecca Lee (left) are sharing a visit to Oat Couture Oatmeal Café in the heart of Old Ottawa South.

Think oatmeal is boring? Think again. Oat Couture is serving up 18 different bowls of oatmeal. 14 of the 18 are made with gluten-free, organic steel cut oats and all 18 bowls are made with stir-ins. Some are heartier, like the Woodstock, which includes hemp and chia seeds, dates, and maple syrup. Others are more indulgent, like the Campfire, which tosses graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, raspberry coulis in with caramel and chocolate chips. A few can even be surprising, like the Bubba, which features marinated shrimp curls, avocado, and cilantro.

It’s difficult to express the overall quality and delightful experience offered here. Visitors might be drawn by the iconic hanging rattan chairs in the window (no, you cannot reserve these) or by the smell of Little Victories coffee being served, or maybe it’s just the oat-rageously large cookie on their menu. One nice not-so-subtle touch is the 13-foot mural on the back wall. The picture of Montgomery’s father, uncle, and grandfather was shot in 1968 during a trip to Ross Gulch, BC. And what do you suppose the three had for breakfast at the lodge that morning?

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