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All photos from the Amazeballs website.

Amazeballs survive the Dragons’ Den

By Apartment613 on April 3, 2016


Post by Erik Dumouchel

What more could a person want than an ice cold drink, kept cold by a set of food grade stainless steel balls– that even come with their own ball sack to keep them together?

Even on the package it mentions to be careful while handling the balls because you wouldn’t want to damage the…(cough)… glasses.

package_2x_1024x1024Dan Fallak, the creator of Amazeballs, is from Almonte, Ontario, which is about a 45 min drive west of Ottawa.

Fallak came up with the name Amazeballs for his product before any idea of a product when seeing the word Amazeballs all over social media. He was recently on CBC’s Dragons’ Den to pitch his idea, asking for $150,000 (a 20% stake) in the product that he believes is worth about $750,000.

The high evaluation seemed to have turned off four of the dragons, but not Joe Mimran, who offered $150,000 for a 50% stake in the company (and was accepted).

What makes Amazeballs different from similar products is the shape, materials, their ability to bring the temperature of a drink down like an ice cube, but without the diluting effect. With a round shape, the product provides more surface area and appears to cool down drinks faster than the competition, according to an online review.

So I had to try these out myself to really get an idea if these Amazeballs were for me or not. After two minutes, you can notice a temperature change with a beverage starting at room temperature. After another ten minutes, you can enjoy a cold drink without diluting and altering the taste of the drink, which is exactly what the product is set out to do.

Each Amazeballs package contains two balls, a ball bag, and tongs. The balls are constructed from food grade stainless steel and are filled with freezer gel for a retail price of about $25 available at select retailers and the company’s website.