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Photo: Almanac Urban Mill and Bakery.

Almanac Urban Mill adds pizza to their weekend lineup

By Jordan Duff on March 11, 2022

Ottawa’s Almanac Urban Mill and Bakery is going strong one year into the grind.

In any year, early success for a small business is impressive, but even more so during these past months. Founder Gabrielle Prud’homme credits those around her for Almanac’s success: “I’m really proud of our team. I am so proud to work with people who care so much about doing things the right way and striving to do it better tomorrow than we did it yesterday.”

A year back, the mill opened without a storefront, partnering with neighbour Dominion City brewery to leverage their drive-thru window. Once the crisp 2021 Ottawa spring arrived, they set up a tent in their parking lot. “I’ll never forget the people who lined up for us. We have customers who have been with us since week one, it’s incredible,” says Prud’homme.

They have a bright, clean storefront now. But also, importantly, they have pizza.

Photo: Almanac Urban Mill and Bakery.

The latest offering from Almanac is fresh sourdough pizza every Friday and Saturday. The pizza program has been running for a few weeks and sells out. Styles rotate weekly and are available for pre-order where pie fans can select their timeslot. Plus there’s garlic dip!

Photo: Almanac Urban Mill and Bakery.

What sets their pizza apart is the dough. “We take the view that the flour used to make your pizza is just as important as the quality of the tomatoes, cheese or any other ingredient,” explains Prud’homme. “Accordingly, we spent months building our dough from the grain up and we’re really excited to share it. We fresh-mill all the flour from Canadian-grown heritage grain on our stone mill. It ferments for two days with our house sourdough culture (we don’t use any commercial yeast) and the end result is a rich, chewy crumb that’s deeply flavourful.” Truly, dough is the foundation.

Photo: Almanac Urban Mill and Bakery.

If you’re picking up a pie or ordering one from Dominion City’s taproom consider Prud’homme’s recommended pairing of pizza with Trouble in the Fields lager.

Sometimes you celebrate the first anniversary with flours, sometimes with pizza.

Almanac Urban Mill and Bakery is located at 9-5510 Canotek Road. Shop hours are Wednesday to Saturday from 9am–5pm.