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A voice that could fill a stadium

By Jean McLernon on April 2, 2015



Music doesn’t need to be loud and in your face to make an impact, and a perfect example of this is Ottawa’s own Monday I Retire. The heart of their sound comes from their front woman Mackenzie Di Millo: short of stature but with a voice that could fill a stadium. Joining her is brother Ben on guitar and keys, Andre Morrill on bass, M.J. Henry on guitar and their newest member Stephen Adubofuor on drums. Together since 2007, Monday I Retire has plenty of wind in their sails as they work towards releasing a new album this coming summer.

Their melodic sound is similar to that of Radiohead with a little jazz thrown in. Mackenzie’s voice is almost bigger than her hair, and seeing this 4’9 beauty belt out a song will shake you in your seat. Monday I Retire works seamlessly together to create the best sound they can, and that hard work won them the Singer/Songwriter Showcase for the NAC in 2014. Three of the songs from the Showcase will make an appearance on their upcoming album, with a few recent additions added on. Their most recent singles “Closer To” and “Wasting” give a solid impression of the sound they’ll be releasing on their upcoming album. “We will be coming out with another single shortly, entitled “Can’t Understand” with plans to eventually put together another EP.” Ben says of the groups future album plans.

The band is currently working in Gallery Recording Studios with Dean Watson to fine tune those additional tracks. “They’re like a pop-y, jazzy extravaganza,” Watson eloquently puts. They’ve worked the last 4-5 months together jamming and emailing around material they want to use on their upcoming show this Friday, April 3rd at The Rainbow. “We love the Rainbow,” Ben says, “Whether we’re on stage or in the audience, the atmosphere is just perfect, the staff are friendly and the sound is on point.” They’ll take the stage with Suits & Toques and Static Gold at 9pm.

Can’t make it to The Rainbow this Friday, April 3? They also play The Blacksheep Inn in June, and you can follow the rest of their dates on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and catch the rest of their melodic mixings on Soundcloud.