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Photo: Ming Wu

A farewell letter to our departing board chair, Holly Mohr

By Penny Lee Colbourne on March 15, 2022

It takes all kinds of characters to keep the lights on at Apartment613. Some fill the room with stories, photographs, and music, and there are those who work behind the scenes: the editors, manager, treasurer and members of the Apt613 Board. Each person adds their unique spice to the mix and all their efforts combined help bring this quirky little blog to your screen.

Photo: Ming Wu

On this occasion, Apt613 would like to raise a toast to a special member of the family—Apt613 Board Chair Holly Mohr. Holly is ending her term as chair just in time to step into a brand new role, mothering her little one-to-be.

Holly will be missed. She joined the Board in 2017 when it was stacked with founding members and was very much a passion project among friends. Through the years that followed, founding members stepped away one by one to focus on careers and family and the blog grew up and moved out of the proverbial parents’ basement. Holly played a key role in many Apt613 initiatives, from helping to launch 613U in 2017 to co-hosting the 10th anniversary 6/13 Day block party in 2019. In 2020, Holly became the first non-founding member to chair the Board, just months before COVID hit.

Photo: Ming Wu

The past two years of Holly’s tenure as Board Chair have been during a time of lockdowns and uncertainty. The city’s arts scene has been one of the areas hit the hardest. Holly led the Apt613 Board during this time with smarts and wit, drive and dedication. She focused the board’s priorities and sought creative ways to support local artists by helping to launch the first Apt613 Residency. Metalsmith jewelry artist Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle created the “Together Apart” necklace series as part of her residency. Each silver pendant piece is in the shape of an Ottawa neighbourhood, and all 11 pieces fit together like a puzzle. Holly sponsored the Nepean piece.

Holly helped lead Apt613 to four Canadian Online Publishing Awards, and she is the blog’s first and number one patron via Patreon.

Thank you, Holly, for your bright light and big energy. We can’t wait to welcome your little one into the Apt613 family!