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613 StyleFile: Part I – Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show – So Much Style So Little Time

By Adria May on December 18, 2013

November’s Ottawa Vintage Clothing show brought a lot of style inspiration this year, with shoppers coming dressed for the occasion with outfits from the forties to the seventies. In preparing this article, I was fortunate to have guidance from Jaime McLeod of Housewife Vintage/Flowers and Vintage. She was Apartment 613’s charming guest style-spotter. She did indeed have a great eye, and whilst selling her own vintage wear in a booth she sent me chasing after some fancily dressed attendees. In this article, Jaime also tells us about her own style inspiration.

There were also a number of BFFs shopping for vintage goods together and staying true to their theme! Check out Kelsey and Kyla (left), for example.

I was struck by how serious people were about being committed to a look from a certain decade. In fact, there was so much inspiration, there is room for not just one, but two style files! Here is Part I, you can look forward to Part II in the new year.

Jaime McLeod, Housewife Vintage JAIME MCLEOD 

Occupation: Owner of Housewife Vintage part of Flowers and Vintage (and today, style spotter).

Outfit: Dress: Housewife Vintage, she shortened the sleeves and skirt.

Hat: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

Style Inspiration:  Anything vintage. She’s especially drawn to the seventies. “Maybe because I remember that decade with a touch of nostalgia. Also, I like to impart a little offbeat humour into my clothes. I try not to take myself too seriously.”

Melissa R rocks the pin-up look MELISSA R.


Hat: Walmart 

Cardigan: Courage my Love, Kensington Market, Toronto

Glasses: St. Lawrence Market, Toronto 

Shirt: 60’s from Value Village 

Pencil skirt: Jacob 

Shoes: Originals, Miss Hellfire

Style Inspiration: Melissa’s big on the 50’s and likes pin-up fashion


Occupation: biology student

Outfit: Hat: Purchased at the Ottawa vintage clothing sale!

Sweater: Young Jane’s

Skirt:  Hand me down from her boyfriend’s mom

Sweater: Value Village

Shoes: Mom 

Tights: American Apparel

Style Inspiration: Kyla really likes Grace Kelly’s style.  “I really wish people would dress up on a day-to-day basis.”

Kelsey makes Nanny's outfit smokin'. KELSEY H.

Occupation: Student in applied museum studies

Outfit: 3-piece suit: This wonderful suit comes straight out of Kelsey’s grandmother’s closet. Her nanny wore it when she was her thirties (Note: the shirt is backless. Risqué! Go Nanny!!).

Earrings: The earrings are from the 80’s and are  her mother’s.

Heels: Kenneth Cole (Nanny insisted that she wear heels with the outfit)

Style Inspiration: Nanny!


Occupation: Master of Journalism student


Sweater: Vintage, found it with her mom in Saskatoon

Shorts and tights:  Anthropologie, Soho, New York.

Boots: Hunter

Bag: New Delhi (print is from an original photo of Chandny Chowk in the 70’s)

Watch:  Michael Kors

Style inspiration: Mara is continually inspired by street fashion. The one thing she loves about being in university is that there are a plethora of people with effortless style on campus: “People just throw things together and every day you get to be inspired.” She also reads fashion blogs and Vogue.

LEAH M (with husband Scott)

Occupation: Non-profit, as well as vintage sales

Outfit: Dress: Her collection, 2nd Grace Vintage. “The dress has no tag but I do know it was only worn once by the original owner and it was to a Ball in Winnipeg, MB in the late 50s or early 60s.

Fur wrap: From her collection, 2nd Grace Vintage

Jewelry: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

Style Inspiration: “I have so many style inspirations. Most of them have the personality to match their bold fashion choices. A woman that matches grace and empathy with the courage to be herself is the most inspiring to me.  Coco Rocha, Kate Moss and the Queen of vintage, Natalie Joos are some of my favourites. Joos is so great at passing on stories of her vintage pieces. A style inspiration that helps me build the foundation of my wardrobe (both vintage and modern) is Grace Kelly. Who doesn’t love that woman inside and out? Of late I find myself also moving towards classic uncomplicated lines and like to imagine I am channelling Coco Chanel. In style only, not in values! Personal style should be a fluid process. Just as we evolve in our lives and how we feel in our own skin, so should our look develop to match. Shopping vintage is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to do this. I also love Ottawa vintage maven MaryAnn Harris. She is warm, knowledgeable and passionate about vintage. It was going to one of her vintage sales in a friend’s home that first made me think, wow, I should be doing this.”