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613 Style File: Eclectic styles come out for Arboretum Festival

By Adria May on August 29, 2014

The Arboretum Arts Festival, held August 18 to 23 is in it’s third year. This festival is certainly maturing into a solid fixture for the Ottawa/Gatineau arts and culture scene and for myself, it has been a great place to get exposure to talent in our city. This year’s festival brought out a number of fashionable people.

Niall Name: Niall O

 Occupation: Public Servant

 Outfit:  Shirt (Third&Army):  Third & Army from a little shop in San Francisco that he visited in the Spring. Pants:  True Religion from a pop-up shop in Toronto.

 Style inspiration: I try not to own a lot of clothes, but to like everything I have. I get inspiration in just absorbing what I see on the street and          recombining what I’ve got in my closet.”









photo 4

Name: Nimali M.

Occupation: Public service communicator

Outfit: Dress:  Ragtime Vintage. Earrings: Jasmine Virani Jewelery. Sunglasses: Flowers and Vintage. Bag: Reckless Records, Chicago

Inspiration:  “Asides a few glasses of Prosecco…. I’m heavily inspired by nitty gritty jazz, funk  and Chicago soul music; and mid-century textile fabrics and  patterns. In the past few years I have been driven (and mildly obsessed) to shop and dig for ethically sourced clothes and vintage garments made in Hong Kong.








Devin Name: Devon C

Occupation: Fundraising

Outfit:  Jewelry: The monocle was from Rag Time and the flute-whistle was from Housewife Vintage (of Flowers and Vintage); Jacket:  Courtesy of his friend Mike’s wonderful Yard-Sale. Mike moved to South Korea, but not before passing on his wonderful jacket. “I love Wesc jackets because they’re well-cut and generally comfortable.”; Paints: Urban Outfitters. Shirt: A long time ago. Hat: Irving Rivers: Mask: Arboretum festival for Constantines show! Shoes: Doc Martens from Ragtime.

Style inspiration: “I generally choose to dress either in earth tones or different shades and textures of black; but I kinda wanted to have a bit more fun that day (recently watching Penny Dreadful/ Sweeney Todd. ). Getting dressed is really about having fun; partly about projecting how you feel that day or doing something slightly different with yourself so as to have fun interacting with your world. Every day is dress-up day in a different way..? Maybe..? lol.”




photo 1

Name: Camille H

Occupation: Works at The Moonroom as well as Oz Kafe

Outfit: Shoes: Urban Outfitters. Dress: Topshop at Ruby X. Sunglasses: Somewhere in Kensington Market Purse: Value Village.