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CreativeMornings Ottawa speaker Alissa Campbell (YouTube)

613 Day: Watch CreativeMornings talks on bringing Ottawa together

By Apartment613 on June 13, 2020


We stopped setting an alarm at Apartment613.

However, before the pandemic started, we liked to get out to CreativeMornings monthly talks now and then. Since 2012, their gatherings have given the Ottawa arts community a new platform to showcase people doing creative and inspiring things. A lot of the talks are recorded, so for 613 Day we’re sharing highlights from the CM Ottawa archives. Enjoy these talks with your morning coffee today.

CreativeMornings Ottawa, a global monthly breakfast series, is committed to bringing the Ottawa community together in monthly inspirational talks.

“We do it for the community,” says Maxine Patenaude, host of CreativeMornings Ottawa. “We believe that Ottawa is creative and we want to highlight the creativity in every sector of Ottawa. Everyone is creative and everyone is welcome.

For 613 Day, we’d like you to get to know some of the incredible community leaders that took the CreativeMornings Ottawa stage over the last few years and truly made an impact on us:

In Community Lightning Talks, CM Ottawa selected speakers to share their perspective on community and inclusion in Ottawa. From empowering young people in the democratic process, and bringing full gender-spectrum inclusion in extreme sports, to building community entrepreneurship and nourishment, these speakers are leading the way, in so many diverse, yet interconnected directions.

CreativeMornings After Dark was a panel discussion hosted by CBC Radio’s Giacomo Panico with past CM Ottawa speakers driving creative change in our city. Meet Meaghan Isaacs, Co-founder of Girls+ Skate 613, Andrew Reeves, Owner of Linebox Studio, local artist Marisa Gallemit, and Kwende Kefentse, Cultural Industries and Music lead at the City of Ottawa and Creative Director of TIMEKODE, as they explore what makes Ottawa a creative city.

For our talk on Silence, we had two speakers from BEING Studio, a not-for-profit art space in the Bronson Centre that supports a community of artists with developmental disabilities, speak on the theme.

What happens when you promote inclusive, unfiltered creative expression and nurture new ideas? That’s exactly what BEING Studio is promoting and what we explored in this talk. Speaking on the theme was Stephanie Nadeau, the Executive Director of BEING Studio and Debbie Ratcliffe, an artist at BEING.

The next CreativeMornings Ottawa speaker is Lindsay Taub on the theme “Insecure” (selected by CreativeMornings Louisville chapter). Taub will present her talk virtually on June 26 at 8:30am. Visit to sign up. Registration opens on June 19 at 11am.