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Image: Malayka - "Hard Pill" music video (YouTube)

613 Day: An all-Ottawa short film playlist curated by Mirror Mountain Film Festival

By Apartment613 on June 11, 2020

Although they’re not hosting a festival this year, the folks at Mirror Mountain Film Festival have curated a wicked YouTube playlist of Ottawa-made indie films for 613 Day this weekend!

It’s a lineup of shorts, music videos, music videos, cine-poems, documentaries, and that’s only a small fraction of local films screened at MMFF since 2015, based on what’s currently available on Youtube.

Queue up the YouTube playlist here and read on for a breakdown of this special 613 Day program.

This Saturday, June 13, is Ottawa’s 6/13 Day. Watch out for a special edition of the Weekend Roundup for Apt613’s list of promo codes, live streams, and takeout specials making it easy for you to #supportlocal this weekend!

From Sarajevo by Kristen McNaule (8:16)

A young refugee escapes war torn Bosnia in 1992 and struggles to pursue her dreams of becoming a dancer (MMFF 2019).

Malayka – Hard Pill by Andrew Robillard (3:28)

An official music video for Malak Sound’s single “Hard Pill” (MMFF 2019).

Inara by Maissa Houri and Ramy Raphael (2:53)

An award-winning short film about connection, loss and love (MMFF 2019).

King Kimbit – Lees by Randy Kelly (3:52)

A spoken word poem by King Kimbit about chance encounters, developing empathy and how taking a little time to listen to someone has the potential to change their lives (MMFF 2019).

Apollo the Child – My Hero Drives a Cab by Randy Kelly (2:55)

A cinepoem created by spoken word artist Apollo the Child a.k.a Khaleefa Hamdan, and filmmaker Randy Kelly (MMFF 2017).

The Secret Lives of Public Servants: The Comic Book Creator by Amen Jafri (5:19)

Seven award nominations, including Best Doc Series and Best Cinematography. Winner, Best Directing in Non-Fiction at the 2018 IAWTV Awards (MMFF 2017).

Vanessa Rotondo – R.I.P. Ms. Focus by Craig Allen Conoley (4:48)

A cinepoem by Vanessa Rotondo, a.k.a. “V”, directed by Craig Conoley (MMFF 2017).

Cast of One by Jacon Atkinson, Sabrina Betts, Randi Rae Dubois & Nicholas Pereira (8:36)

A short documentary made for the 2014 Digi60 Ottawa Filmmaker’s Festival (Winner: Best Documentary Storytelling) which later got picked up by Mirror Mountain (MMFF 2017)

Rubber Stamped: The Hassan Diab Story  by Amar Wala & Andrea Conte (13:00)

This documentary shows the impact of Dr. Hassan Diab’s ordeal after he was unjustly extradited from Canada to France in November 2014. The Canadian judge described evidence against Diab as “illogical,” “very problematic,” and “convoluted,” however, the judge stated that the low threshold for evidence under Canada’s extradition law left him no choice but to commit Dr. Diab to extradition (MMFF 2017).

Liu Bei – Atlas World (Solomun Day Remix) by Morgana McKenzie (7:09)

A malignant spirit forces a girl into a perilous journey through a watery underworld. A narrative music video for the song “Atlas World (Solomun Day Remix) by Liu Bei (MMFF 2017).

Leaves that fall off the tree by Gabriel Zaragoza (7:13)

A short film about the impossibility of the human body to grasp the pleasure of eternity. The challenge to give voice to an entity without a corporal form, devoid of flesh (MMFF 2016)

Glimmers by Emily Jeffers (1:54)

A hand-drawn animated short film about letting go of a beautiful hope that was never meant to last (MMFF 2016).

Young Women Hunting by Jenissa Commonda & Darian Smith (5:02)

Darian, a young Algonquin Woman, learns how to shoot a gun with Billy, her dad. We follow them as they go hunting in the Papineau Labelle Park and Billy shares about the connection between hunting and spirituality (MMFF 2016).

Hyphen: Gabriela’s Story by Gabriela Warrior Renaud (4:54)

A short documentary which explores the cultural identity of a multiracial family in Canada. The film challenges definitions of identity and is an earnest and intimate portrayal from the filmmaker’s personal life (MMFF 2016).

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