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HOTEL DALLAS by Livia Ungur & Sherng-Lee Huang

5 picks from the Mirror Mountain Film Festival lineup

By Apartment613 on December 1, 2016

Guest post by Penny McCann, Director of SAW Video Media Art Centre. McCann has been making films since 1990. Her work, which ranges from dramatic to experimental, has been widely broadcast and exhibited at numerous festivals and galleries nationally and internationally.

I always measure a good film festival by the strength of its programming (natch), its respect for filmmakers, and its welcoming atmosphere. The first Mirror Mountain Festival, last year, had all of these in spades. The 2nd iteration of Mirror Mountain, this weekend, is going to be bigger and will be the best weekend of film watching you’ll have all year.

Hotel Dallas
Friday December 2, 8pm

The opening feature for the festival certainly sets the tone for the weekend. Hotel Dallas is a surreal mix of fiction, documentary, musical and fairy tale. Made by New York-based husband and wife duo Livia Ungur and Sherng-Lee Huang, the feature centres on the Romanian fixation in the 1980s with the TV show Dallas.

The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and it’s a treat to have it here in Ottawa for the first time.

New Visions
Saturday December 3, 2pm

SAW Video is the co-presenter of this breathtaking selection of experimental shorts, ranging from the haunting and sensual dance film Insert [coda] here, to the animated technicolour dreamscape of Rattle, to the experimental tour de force Vortex Temporum. New visions indeed.

ANTITHESIS by Megan Toompuu

ANTITHESIS by Megan Toompuu

Local Heroes
Sunday December 4, 2pm

This program is a wide-ranging selection of short works from the region. Two personal faves are Megan Toompuu’s Antithesis and Craig Commanda’s Macrocosmic.

Glimmers by Emily Jeffers

GLIMMERS by Emily Jeffers

Lines Drawn
Saturday December 3, 4pm

Once the Ottawa International Animation Festival is over, where do you go to get your fix of animation in this town?

This program of short animated films by Canadian and international artists will keep you going until the next OIAF. Featuring Glimmers by the fabulous Emily Jeffers.


Crowd Pleaser: A Filmmakers’ Guide to Fundraising
Saturday December 3, 12pm

Don’t know how to fund your cinematic dreams? Come listen to those who’ve found success with crowdsourcing. Three locals, Jith Paul, Dan Gainsford, and Nancy Kenny will share their stories.

SAW Video is a co-presenter of this panel. While it might be in my interest to promote this panel, it could be in your interest to attend!

Visit for the full festival lineup. Mirror Mountain show tickets are $5 each, and a full festival pass is $20. Tickets and passes are available online and at the door. The 2nd annual Mirror Mountain Film Festival will be at Arts Court Theatre (2 Daly Ave) from December 2–4, 2016.