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350 Foods is the new milkman: Testing out the delectable delivery service

By Sanita Fejzić on January 5, 2015

350 Foods is my kind of bakery. It brings back certain nostalgic memories, of the cinematic and imagined kind since I am not old enough to have experienced the milkman: fresh bread and cookies delivered at your doorstep every Sunday evening. They deliver at a reasonable cost (they are competitive to your average bakery, not grocery store) and their ingredients are organic. Quality. Convenience. Need I say more?

No other culinary art compares to a proper loaf of bread.

Everything about a good loaf of bread can be overlooked precisely because it’s good and it doesn’t obstruct whatever else you’re eating with it. When bread is mediocre or bad, chewing becomes laborious or it’s simply tasteless. The smell of baked bread brings me back to my childhood, amid the bakeries and cafes of Geneva. The perfection of a crunchy crust and the tactical experience of good kneading—there’s nothing like it. I simply love good bread. Of the five loafs we ordered with 350 Foods, four were excellent. This article is a tribute to my satisfaction.

cookiesYou have three options when it comes to ordering with 350 Foods. One: you can subscribe for bread, bread and cookies, or variations. Two: quick order before 9 p.m. Friday night to get whatever it is you want delivered to your door by Sunday. We did this for their holiday goods, a batch of fourteen enormous hot chocolate cookies. A bit of spice, a lot of sweetness.

Three: the punch card; this is how we were seduced by the service. Every week, the team at 350 Foods sent us an email of what the chef was baking, and we switched up our order to taste different kinds of bread. The cost for a bread punch card is $32 dollars for five deliveries, meaning that a loaf of bread costs $6.40.

Twice we ordered their whole wheat bread made with organic milk, water, yeast, organic white flour, organic whole wheat flour, salt, organic sugar, organic unsalted butter, and it was delicious. I list their ingredients here on purpose because I’m impressed at the number of times the word organic appears. If eating well is something you value, then 350 Foods might be an interesting option for you.

If you have a sweet tooth, their desserts are wonderful too, with ingredients that will make you smile. Nanaimo bars, OREO cookies, ginger molasses cookies, beer and bacon cookies (no, I haven’t ventured down that path, but you might want to?), soft strawberry cookies, maple cream cookies, I could go on but the list is long. You get the picture: enough variety to make everyone in your family happy.

Ultimately, if you’re in the habit of eating bread and sweets, and if the above reasons somehow aren’t enough for you to try out 350 Foods, then choosing an independent bakery and supporting local business might be nudge that entices you to try something new. Or if you’re like me and secretly wish you could have all of your meals delivered to you door, then I assure you, you will be more than satisfied with the service.