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Weekly News Review: Elections? Transit, green buildings and awful Sens

By François Levesque on January 3, 2011

Photo courtesy of gi99lepunch (titanium-white) on Flickr.

All the pundits are saying 2011 will be an election year in Canada. All of the political leaders have their future on the line. If the results aren’t up to snuff, will we see some new leaders for our 5 main parties?

It was announced that the proposed LRT tunnel be shortened by one third after unstable soil conditions near the University of Ottawa was discovered. Perhaps an opportunity to save on costs? Not so said city staff at a recent news conference releasing tunnel test-drilling results. The costs in some areas of the project will go down while others will go up, so it all comes out even.

Green buildings are becoming the standard for Ottawa offices. Vacancy rates in certified “green” office buildings have dropped below six per cent in Ottawa, while their “brown” counterparts have vacancy rates over seven per cent, said James McNeil, a vice president with Cushman and Wakefield, an Ottawa-area broker that helps clients find green buildings.

Rough end to the year for the Ottawa Senators who lost centre Jason Spezza for an undetermined period after suffering a shoulder injury. 2011 did not start any better with the hated Leafs thumping the Sens 5-1 on January first.

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