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Weekly News Review: Crowded hospitals, baseball back in O-town & Go Travel South goes under

By Katie Marsh on March 1, 2010

Photo courtesy of S.L.M. on Flickr.

Photo courtesy of S.L.M. on Flickr.

Is it just me or has it been a slow news week here in Ottawa? Maybe everyone has been too busy watching Canada’s resurgence at the Winter Olympics.

Ottawa area hospitals are busy places these days. Maybe too busy. Last week the Queensway-Carleton Hospital was at 113% capacity while the Ottawa Hospital showed a 105% occupancy rate. Several factors contributed to this highly stressful situation: gastrointestinal outbreaks in nursing homes and local hospitals; too many patients needing a bed but not acute medical care; elderly patients waiting to get into nursing homes and a backup in discharging patients.  The issue of Ottawa’s hospital woes has become an important issue in the March 4th provincial byelection.

I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but it almost smells like Spring is out there. The warm weather we’ve had in the last couple of days has closed the canal for skating for good and we’re starting to talk baseball in Ottawa! Yes, the Ottawa Stadium Group (OSG) will receive the keys to the Coventry Rd. stadium on March 15. The group has already received a conditional franchise from the Intercounty Baseball League, which is based out of southern Ontario. What’s more, a semi-pro women’s baseball team and local amateur games are also planned for the summer months. OSG rep Duncan MacDonald said the group is also pursuing other non-baseball events, such as activities for Winterlude.

Planning on going to see your favourite ball team’s spring training through Go Travel South? Tough luck. The Halifax-based company, which has an office in Ottawa, went bust last week. Even worst, clients were left to find out about the company’s termination on its website which stated:

“Please do not show up to the airport for you flights as they will not be departing.”

The company told customers it will not respond to any emails and advised them to contact their credit-card providers for a refund.

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