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Weekly News Review: Composting in apartments, Ottawa’s cheap gas, Centretown’s future and more

By François Levesque on November 26, 2012

Currently, the city doesn’t offer organics recycling for all multi-residential buildings but this might change. New guidelines are being discussed to standardize garbage and recycling bin requirements for multi-residential buildings, but there’s still lots to discuss. What other cities have multi-residential buildings compost? British Columbia may have a thing or two to teach us.

Bitching about the price of gas? Count yourself lucky, Ottawa’s got the third cheapest gas in the country ($1.25/L in October) according to a Statistics Canada study. Cheapest cities? Not surprisingly, Edmonton ($1.14) and Calgary offer cheaper petrol.

There’s debate on the future of Centretown. The draft Centretown Community Design Plan is proposing that a number of streets change status from “residential” to so-called “mixed use”. This, according to planners would make a street more viable in the regard that it encourages residents to use those services because it is close. The Plan is due to be presented to councillors shortly and Robert Dekker, vice-president of Centretown Citizens Community Association, hopes councillors will change their mind before that. For him, “People don’t want to live with businesses, they want to live where other people live.” Difference in values? How do you want to see Centretown changing?

Ogilvie building on Rideau is soon to be demolished. The facade will be preserved and made part of an expanded Rideau Centre.