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Photo by guidedbycthulhu on Flickr.

Weekly News Review: Study says Barrhaven is accident-prone, Casino speculation causes furor, OpenFile takes a temporary break and more!

By Chris Cline on October 1, 2012


Attention Barrhaven residents! Do you find yourself accidentally injuring yourself at an alarming rate? Perhaps you’ve found yourself in the emergency room a little too often. If this sounds like you, a new study says that, among Barrhaven residents, you’re not alone. The Ottawa Neighbourhood Study goes far beyond singling out Barrhaven as the most accident-prone neighbourhood. It’s packed with plenty of interesting information about the city’s various locales. Want to know about crime rates, civic engagement, food deserts and more? Look no further. The Citizen reports.

OpenFile brings us word that the segregated bike lane on Laurier Avenue has seen it’s 500,000th user since its creation in July 2011. The controvertial pilot project has its detractors, but the city’s online counter provides pretty solid evidence that it’s a very heavily used piece of infrastructure.

Mayor Jim Watson caused something of a media frenzy when he opened debate via Twitter on the creation of a casino in Ottawa. Less than a week later, addictions counselorscritics and city councillors have weighed in on how the development might impact the local population.

The Ottawa Convention Centre is revisiting plans for an interactive digital art wall next to the Mackenzie King Bridge. The project was suspended last year due to rising costs. The centre is currently accepting proposals to finance and operate the screen, which they say will be the world’s first permanent, interactive video wall.

OpenFile announced this week that they’ll be suspending operations in anticipation of big announcements about the news service’s future. They’ve promised to update us on the next phase of the OpenFile project during the next few weeks. This might be bad news for news junkies in need of their local fix, but it could be very exciting in the long term!