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Weekend roundup: Spooky-ish edition

By Karen Diepeveen on October 25, 2012

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s a whole bunch of events hiding behind a bush, waiting to jump out at you and reduce you to a puddle of fear. But be brave, Ottawans, and head out to look those ghouls in the face.

For those of you with wicked awesome costumes, this Mobile Costume Party is where you should be Friday night. Missed last week’s zombie walk? Westboro will have a few of them wandering around. Zaphod’s is throwing an Indie Rock Halloween Party, and you can transform into your favourite Hollywood Horror star for IFCO’s party at the Urban Well. There’s a special slam poetry edition to mark this holiday, and a special Double Barrel anniversary party. If you want a treat and not a trick, Ottawa’s own techno-groove-rockers nero will be throwing a party at Mavericks on Saturday, the same night as the 10th Halloween Hellbender down at Irene’s.  St. Brigid’s will be turned into a haunted castle for The Great Charity Pumpkin Ball on Friday, complete with a Disco Dungeon. It’s not everyday you’ll see a zombie paddling a dragonboat, but your best chance will probably be at that festival’s annual fundraiser.

Sneaking into next week a bit.. On Halloween itself, Mavericks will have Halloween Hardcore, while you can make ghoulish creations down at Spins and Needles’ Macabre Party. Zombie Strippers return to Babylon with Rockalily’s annual show, and Bourbon & Spice take their Trick or Treat Show to the Rainbow.

If scary things aren’t up your alley, have no fear – you can safely avoid the spooks all weekend long. Tonight is the Peking Opera Soiree with William Lau – be prepared to be swept away by the gorgeous costumes and performances. The Writers Festival continues, with longtime news anchor Lloyd Robertson bringing his melodic voice to the stage and Jian Ghomeshi talking about a pretty great year. Enriched Bread Artists open their doors this weekend – definitely worth it to catch a glimpse inside their studios on Gladstone. And: celebrate shared bikes with RightBike on Saturday!

Down at the Elmdale on Friday, you’ll find Long Distance Runners and The Sweet Mack, and Departures and the Cannon Bros. are at Raw Sugar. Also that night? Rydell, Neighbours and Live the Story are at Club SAW, and Lazzy Lung gives a rare solo performance at Zaphods. SoCalled swings by the Black Sheep on Sunday, with his eclectic rapper-musician-journalist-artist-composer-singer talents, or you can catch Eclektik live at the Hintonburg Public House.

Tell us, Ottawa – what else are you up to this weekend?