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Photo by Jason Myerson

Art Angle: Laura Rose Swan

By Jason Myerson on February 18, 2017

Art Angle is a new column by Apt613 contributor Jason Myerson. Speaking with Ottawa artists about their craft and the creation of a business, Jason has met artists who knit, chop, chat, paint, write, tattoo, and build fairy houses from forest detritus—truth. Their stories are a curious mix of personality and of the professional.

Photo by Jason Myerson

Photo by Jason Myerson

“Every production of an artist should be an expression of an adventure of her soul.” —W. Somerset Maugham

Like many of us, searching for our natural gift, inspiration, or passionate dedication can take decades, but as Laura suggests with a smile, “Try new things! Move like the wind and change like the seasons.” Laura Rose Swan, crafts maiden and creator of Wander With Wool, has taken her genuine love for the outdoors and created handmade fashionable, functional knitwear.

Laura discovered her passion for knitting and design while wandering on local and far-off adventures. She’s stitched the two together with comfort and style. Running, biking, hiking, and camping has brought about a connected appreciation for the wild spaces and open road. Knitting helped her balance an active lifestyle and kept her cozy while staying outside longer. “The brain stays active while sitting and knitting,” she explains. Keeping her ideas running and problem solving her way to the next adventure.

Laura’s gratitude for the outdoors can be be best presented through her new business Wander With Wool. Her handmade fashionable knitwear shows off an elegant style influenced by Laura’s equestrian background and uses the natural material of wool while putting a spin on her own creative designs.

Whether it’s a storefront, market place, or online store many artists are finding new ways to share their inspiration with the world. However, at the junction between technological innovation and hand crafted creations local artists, as herself, struggle to balance their time between craft and business. It’s relatable among artists from all angles of art form when inspired to create combined with the necessity of paying bills. We value independent artists for their pursuit of a passion despite its difficulties, but we demand the lowest cost for things without the consideration of the creator’s cost of time, nor appreciation for their risk.

WWW4Laura has a strong sense of who she is, and the environment is essential to what she stands for. Just speaking with her I feel a sense of empowerment, and hope. She inspirits people to discover more of themselves through the wonder and wanderings of our own artistic pursuits. Discovering the version of ourselves that holds the truest value to our lives takes time, but trying new things will result in a greater width of insight. The path is ours to create, for boldness and bravery will leave no stone along the way unturned. And on the journey, be sure to stay cosy by picking up a blanket, hood, capelet, poncho, or cowl from Wander With Wool.

Help promote local artists for the benefit of their craft, livelihood, and the community. Too often Corporate dreams supersede our individual ones. As a community we should encourage those who break the mold and support them as valuable outliers. Investing in people is an investment in our economy.

Find Laura’s shop Wander With Wool online, or on Instagram and Facebook.