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Tour de bloggosphere: Photo-blogs and photographers

By Alejandro Bustos on February 9, 2013

Greetings fellow blogophiles as we take another look at the impressive array of local bloggers. This week we focus on the visual arts, as we surf the numerous photo-blogs in our city.

One excellent site is Ottawa Seen 365 Ways in 365 Days, where amateur photographer Christophe Ledent posts a different photo of the national capital region each day. (See Local Tourist Ottawa for more details on Christophe’s work). Another impressive blog is Singing Moon, which contains gorgeous snapshots of our region.

If you enjoy live bands, Ottawa-based photographer and music lover Ming runs PhotogMusic, which has portraits of numerous musicians. Then there is Alexandre Laquerre’s Ottawa Past & Present that compares present-day images with past photos of the same locations.

Other photographers with photo-blogs include Tony Fouhse, Harry Nowell, Rob Huntley and Danielle Donders. The Camera Club of Ottawa also has a blog.

If you are looking to hire a photographer, then you can pick from a huge selection of local talent. While the following list of photo-blogs is by no means exhaustive, it will help you start your search for photographers in the following areas:

* Note: Some photographers specialize in more than one category

Weddings: Laura Kelly, Union Eleven, Sam and Mary, Anne-Marie Bouchard, Melissa Johnston, Bella Stella, Melissa Kew

Family History: Mike Dickson

Newborns, Toddlers, Children: Jennifer Bailey, Elizabeth Fulton

Pets: Elizabeth and Jane

Lifestyle and Food: Christian Lee

Commercial: Couvrette

Anna Jones can take shots for a wide range of clients (e.g. commercial, newborns, boudoir, engagement), as does Lisa Mounteer, who can take photos ranging from fitness to engagements to newborns. Danielle Lynn’s blog, meanwhile, contains photographs in such categories as teens, food and fine art.

The good folks at Byfield Pitman, Justin Van Leuween and Younes Bounhar are some of the most talented photographers in the city. So are younger guys Jamie Kronick and Rémi Thériault.

Have a favourite local photographer whose site is not listed above? Want to recommend a blog by a local blogger in English, French and/or another language that we have not noted? Let us know in the comments below.