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The best of #ShitOttawansSay

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Photo courtesy of allthecolors from the Apt613 flickr group

The kids are all going wild for Shit Girls Say, the latest meme to start replicating itself across the net. Yesterday the popular series of YouTube videos spawned yet another iteration, this time on twitter. The #ShitOttawansSay hashtag hit the Ottawa twitterverse a big way, launching what was probably the largest inside joke sharing fest the city has ever seen.

Open File has collected and organized many of the tweets, which you can see here, but we couldn’t resist sharing some of our favourite ones here on the site. The following are Apartment613′s picks for the best of #ShitOttawansSay.


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[...] all over Twitter since January 19th. Here are what people Tweeted. Considering some of the sites (apt613 and OpenFile Ottawa) didn’t use my Tweets. For more Tweets, click [...]

- S#!t Ottawans Say [What people Tweeted!] « Blurasis

Thank you for this great summary post of a twitter discussion I only caught one end of! Also: congratulations on being Awesome. Looking forward to the community discussions!

- Lisa

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