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The Apt613 Style File: Great Glebe Garage Sale Edition

By Apartment613 on June 1, 2011

Stephan Telka takes the reins for Apartment613’s Style File team this week, giving our usual fashionista-finders Melanie Yugo and Lauryn Kronick a break. All photos and text by Stephan.

While there was no shortage of “yoga” pants and Mountain Equipment Coop/North Face gear on display at yesterday’s Great Glebe Garage Sale (not to mention the wares for sale), I was lucky enough to cross paths with a handful of Ottawans who stood out from the crowd. I doff my hat to them, as they effortlessly rose the fashion bar on a rainy Saturday morning.

Ben, 26, Biochemist

What are you looking for at the GGGS? Not too many books

Shoes: Value Village

Pants: Zara

Belt: Value Village

T-Shirt: American Apparel

Jacket: Club Monacco

Bag: A vendor in Kensington Market (Toronto)

Sofija, 21, Nonprofit Worker

What are you looking for at the GGGS? “The Sticky Fingers” album by The Rolling Stones

Shoes: Winners

Tights: “No clue. I’m not so sure that they’re mine”

Jacket: Somewhere in Montreal

Shawl: Street vendor in New York City (it was a present)

Bag: “Cat’s Meow” in Guelph

Derek, 21, Communications Student/Retail Worker

What are you looking for at the GGGS? Artwork and knick knacks.

Shoes: Value Village

Pants: American Apparel

T-shirt: American Apparel

Oxford: American Apparel

Hoodie: American Apparel

Jacket: A street vendor in Toronto

Bag: It belongs to an old roommate

Glasses: Lens Crafters

Neil, 31, Policy Wonk

What are you looking for at the GGGS? Coloured 70s-style glassware. And a dining room table

Shoes: A gift

Pants: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Jacket: Mountain Equipment Coop

Glasses: (A Maine-based outfit). Vintage frames, from the 1940s

Amber, 23, Henna Tattoo Artist / Clothes Maker

What are you looking for at the GGGS? Anything. I bought this basket, for example”

Shoes: Zellers

Dress: Quichua International (Ottawa)

Jacket: It’s my roomate’s. She doesn’t know I’m wearing it

Jacket accessories: Ottawa Tulip Festival

Shopping bag: self made

Brief case: Eganville Clothing Bank

Basket: GGGS find

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