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Going Down: A Guide to Cunninglingus

If you’re interested in eating out, but aren’t sure where to start or what to do once you get going, this is the workshop for you! Knowing how to please your partner(s) requires communication, awareness of their body, and practiced technique. This workshop is great for people who want to explore the act of eating out […]

Getting Hot

Lots of us would like to have more sex, but sometimes we just don’t know how to get ourselves in the mood and make it happen. This workshop is packed full of our favourite tips and tricks for jump-starting your sex life and finding more ways to get turned on. We’ll discuss ways to talk […]

How to Talk to Your Kids about Porn

Discovered your kid looking at porn? Nervous about what to do because they have shared sexy selfies? Feeling awkward because they have come to you with questions? We will explore how adults can have informed, meaningful and respectful conversations about the realities of sexual entertainment with the kids in their life.

Having Sex When It’s Complicated

Sexual experiences can be fun, playful, confusing, intense, difficult, healing, liberatory, and everything in between. This activity-based workshop will focus on tools you can use to navigate sex when it’s on the more complicated side of things. We’ll go through some ways to figure out what you are and aren’t in to, how to tell […]

Going Down: A Guide to Fellatio

Want to give your pal the blow job of their life, but aren’t sure where to start or what to do once you get going? Then this workshop is for you! From basic anatomy (in all our lovely varieties) to tips for the advanced, we’ll cover a wide range of information about the fine art […]

Flirting and Consent Negotiation for Shy Perverts

In kink scenes, there is a lot of emphasis on the talk- stating your desires, asking for what you need, negotiating limits and wants and aftercare. But what if your tongue tangles when you’re face to face with someone who ticks your babe radar? Shy, awkward, socially anxious, and introverted kinksters are more common than […]

Darling Yes, what vintage charm!

Carly Smith of Darling Yes has made a splash in the Ottawa handmade community. Darling Yes is a homegrown business, selling jewelry and hand-drawn art creations crafted in Smith’s home workshop. I had the chance to interview Smith about the building of her brand, her designs, and if she had any advice for those looking […]

Beans, Blossoms, Beats & Bauhaus: Blumenstudio

Take an Italian café with a contemporary touch serving up ethically-sourced beans and locally-made treats. Add a dairy case filled with milk, butter and eggs from nearby Cochrane’s Dairy and Stirling Creamery for those early-morning milk runs. Layer on a carefully-edited wall of magazines and newspapers. Combine it all in a Bauhaus-inspired floral shop and the result […]