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visual arts

The NAC Needs Your Design Skillz

Times are tough out there – and design work doesn’t come cheap. The NAC is asking you to do your part to design the cover of their program for the 2009 season. You can work in photography, paint, drawing, digital image or sculpture. You can submit up to five pieces of artwork and the winner […]

Guillermo Trejo: The revolution is called Atlantis

A political action. Apolitical action. A poetical action. These represent just some of the interpretations of The revolution is called Atlantis, University of Ottawa MFA student Guillermo Trejo’s exhibit at the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG). The statements, which sit right outside the main exhibit room, inform Trejo’s vision: the ambiguity of political propaganda. A little […]

Fantomatique is spine-chilling

On a cold winter morning, with a snowstorm blowing in the air, a crowd of 5,000 people gathered in downtown Ottawa to watch a man being publicly hanged for murder. Many in the crowd believed he was innocent. The execution of Patrick J. Whelan on February 11, 1869 at the Carleton County Gaol, (today the […]

Festival X 2012: Previewing Ottawa’s biggest photography extravaganza

This Thursday marks the opening of Festival X,  a 10-day photography festival showcasing the work of contemporary image-makers at 34 different venues around the city. Now in its fifth year, Festival X looks to bolster an awareness of regional, Canadian and international photographers through exhibitions, interventions, public lectures and artist talks, roundtable discussions and the […]

Shedding light on Architecture Week

Architecture is like frozen music, the famous German poet Goethe once said. This delightful image seems apt for Ottawa’s Architecture Week, an annual event that allows local residents to contemplate the beauty in buildings and design. Organized by the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects (ORSA), this year’s eclectic program runs from September 24-30 and consists […]

Apartment613 at Nuit Blanche Ottawa

We’re in the market tonight dressing people in classic Canadiana costumes and taking instagram photos of them. You know… because it’s Saturday… ART! If you joined us, thanks! Check out a sample of some of the fun photos we took below. You can find the entire set of photos we took over the course of […]

Ralph Bakshi: Past, Present and Future

Take One by Yasmin Nissim Ralph Bakshi is a lot of things. He’s an award winning animator, a director, an artist; he’s the man behind Fritz the Cat, one of the most successful independent animated films ever made, along with countless other notorious features that have pushed boundaries and offended the conservative sensibilities of the unimaginative. […]

Weekly News Review: Pink Slip Patty erects protest piñata, Gatineau comes alive with colour, a chopper buzzes Parliament and more!

If you’ve taken a trip down Centretown’s Florence Street lately, you might have been surprised to see an eight foot art installation lamenting the most recent round of public service job cuts. Erected by Shannon Lee Manion, aka Pink Slip Patty, the so-called pink slip piñata decries the government’s handling of job cuts by way […]

Weekend roundup: Winter thaw edition

Here we go again. Another January thaw to get our hopes up about the return of warm weather. But it’s just a ruse, Ottawa. Before you know it, you’ll be dealing with eye-watering windchill as everyone goes about their business in bundled-up, genderless masses. You know what’s not toying with you? This weekend roundup, of […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

Whether you’re an environmentally-concerned fiancee, a Tibetan film buff, a tango aficionado or anything in between, this city’s got something for you this weekend. Tonight, Legion of Saints hits the stage at Babylon, while NDMA celebrates a new EP down at the Mercury Lounge. The Goodluck Assembly is giving a sneak peek of their new album […]

Weekend roundup: not Bluesfest yet edition

The headline says it all folks. Yesterday’s lineup announcement for Ottawa’s largest blues festival that also features electro, hip hop and prog rock sparked a flurry of online discussion and excitement. But if this weekend is any indication, we don’t need to wait until July to take in some wicked-ass music. The organizers of the […]

Apartment613 Live for April 18, 2013: Silent film edition

Listen here or in iTunes. Ryan and Katie kicked things off this week by informing the world about an Indiegogo project by Mike Dubue, formerly of the Hilotrons. He’s been commissioned to set music to The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, the oldest surviving animated feature film. The film will be screened alongside a live performance of Dubue’s […]

Weekend roundup: May the Fourth be with you edition

May 4 has for long been a landmark date for Star Wars fans. But recently, it’s moved beyond being a reason for private snickering between sci-fi devotees with a penchant for wordplay, becoming a holiday of sorts for geeks of all stripes. If this sounds like you, be sure to take part in a double […]

Weekend Roundup: Did someone say ticket giveaway?

So the city is abuzz with talk of street food and victorious local sports teams. And for once, the weather seems to agree that it really is time get out and have a look at some some colour-coordinated tulips. These are truly the salad days, fellow Ottawans. Or maybe, more appropriately, these are the Belcher […]