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Strength in diversity: Ottawa’s first-ever women’s poetry slam a rousing success

Review by Averie MacDonald. Pictures by Joel Eastwood. To call it “girl power” wouldn’t really do it justice. But there was definitely something powerful hanging in the atmosphere last Saturday night at Ottawa’s first Women’s Slam Championship. To be sure, it was a night about women. The line-up featured a handpicked selection of Ottawa’s finest […]

Poetry festival brings together talented wordsmiths from Ottawa and abroad

VERSeFest, Ottawa’s annual poetry festival, will take place from March 25-30.  In advance of this literary celebration, we spoke with acclaimed local poet David O’Meara, who is also the artistic director of the festival. Apartment613: The first VERSeFest took place in 2011. What was the aim of starting this annual poetry gathering, given that Ottawa already has a […]

Poetry meets pop culture at A Dramatic Reading of Pop Songs

Just in time for National Poetry Month, Ottawa VERSeFest and IdeaSpace invite you to come celebrate the sillier side of this art form. Dramatic pop song readings have a long history (think Peter Seller’s cover of A Hard Day’s Night, or William Shatner’s utterly bizarre rendition of Rocket Man). On April 17th, Ottawa’s top poetic […]

Welcome to Poetry Week

If you are a lover of poetry then this coming week will bring a smile to your face.  VERSeFest, Ottawa’s annual poetry festival, starts on Tuesday, March 24, and runs until next Monday, March 30. To help celebrate this gathering of talented wordsmiths, Apartment613 is launching today Poetry Week, which will include extensive coverage of […]

Poetry Week: House Dreams’ journey of self-discovery

House Dreams Brick Books, 2014 By Deanna Young   House Dreams begins with an epigraph from Carl Jung.  It comes from Memories, Dreams and Reflections, co-written with Aniela Jaffé.  It describes a personal dream — sometimes called Jung’s House Dream — that came to him at a time when he was examining the unconscious.  The psychoanalyst […]

Poetry Week: One-on-one with the talented Pearl Pirie

Ottawa’s Pearl Pirie recently published her third full collection of poetry, the pet radish, shrunken, a wonderful, playful, and funny collection of unforgettable poems.  You will scratch your head, laugh and be happy to think about “the tangerine sunset,” how “I love yous peak on sundays,” and “because I love you. if I didn’t, think/ […]

Poetry Week: The verbal equations of King Kimbit

In our final post for Poetry Week, we interview Ottawa’s own Kim Nguyen aka King Kimbit who performed at VERSeFest this weekend. As a testament to the power — and reach — of spoken word, Kim Nguyen, 22, stands less than five-feet tall yet speaks with award-winning conviction. “You wanna know how to rhyme you […]