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The Fresh Meat Theatre Festival in Review

As I was on my way through the crowd to my comfortable front-row couch seat, May Can Theatre’s Madeleine Boyes Manseau approached me with a fan of folded construction-paper cards. “Do you believe in fate?” she asked. I won’t tell you what my answer was, or what was written inside the card I chose.  That […]

thirsty Review: A Poetic, Beautifully Performed Descent

When I walked into the NAC’s main doors on Thursday night, I was greeted by a somewhat bizarre image: a row of men with long, fake beards posing for a picture, beers in hand. A glance through that night’s programme made sense of the strange tableau—ZZ Top was playing Southam Hall that night and these […]

Pride and Prejudice: Blazingly Fast and Funny

I must confess to never having read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice—not even the version with added zombies. I’ve somehow also missed the miniseries, any movies, and other stage adaptations. To be honest, I never really thought the story would interest me. Perhaps I, too, am a victim of that same malady of prejudice to which […]

Crush Improv celebrates five years of professional make-believe

These days, with so many things going on around us, how many of you have time to treat yourselves to a good laugh?  Well, you can begin by making plans to attend Crush Improv’s Fifth Anniversary Show this Friday at 8pm.  I’ll even pause a few moments while you call/text/email/holler-at/tweet that person you’re crushing on. […]

Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box an adventure

Post by Laura Freitag In the middle of Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box she advises, “When one is on an adventure, one must see it through to the end.”  Aguirre has not simply lived her adventures; she compelled them into existence. Blue Box is an hour and a half long one-woman show performed by a revolutionary-witch-lover-prophet-comedienne, Carmen Aguirre. […]

NAC’s Metamorphoses Misses the Mark

Wrapping up at the NAC this past weekend was Mary Zimmerman’s Tony-Award winning play, Metamorphoses.  The piece, which took place in a pool of water, is a playfully anachronistic take on Ovid’s classic tales. Zimmerman uses these classic myths to critique our contemporary world. Erysichthon’s tale of black comedy warns of the dangers of overconsumption. Baucis and […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

Music lovers rejoice: this weekend’s edition of Westfest marks the unofficial launch of festival season! This year, the festival’s 10th, will feature four days of music and art. Things kick off tonight with artists Jane Siberry, Zoe Whittall, Captain Dirt and the Skirt, Juliana Pulford and Jill Zmud. The Magnetic North Theatre Festival is getting […]

St. Nicholas

Review by Lily Pepper 75 min | Solo, Storytelling | G If there’s anything more uncomfortable than attending a play as a reviewer (particularly trying to discreetly take notes in the dark), it’s when the play you’re reviewing is a monologue about, in part, theatre criticism. As a failed playwright and successful critic, local actor […]

Fully Fringed: What’s hot at the Fringe Festival

Once again, our team of intrepid theatre reviewers have taken on the task of reviewing all 54 Fringe Festival plays. Our full list can be found over here – search by venue, genre, or just browse through all of them to find a few hidden gems. There are a few that stand out so far […]

Apartment613 Live for July 11, 2013

Listen here or in iTunes. On this week’s show, Karen chatted with Anna Lewis of the Bear & Co. theatre company about their spaghetti western interpretation of Comedy of Errors. The production will be running in outdoor venues across the city until early August, and Karen gets the lowdown for you here. Next, our host was […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

[youtube width=”600″ height=”485″][/youtube] For those of you looking to spice up your Thursday, head to the Elmdale Oyster House tonight for Shuck ‘n’ Strut – DJ Zattar will be spinning some funk and soul, and you can grab some tasty seafood in between dancing. Just to the east, there’ll be a vernissage for Zaneta Pernicova’s […]

Basement 819 du 4 juin :: Ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur la scène underground Ottawa-Gatineau!

Basement 819 vous épatera encore cette semaine avec son menu saisissant! Voici ce que vous retrouverez dans cette 18e édition de l’émission : Yeah! Une scène marginale dans la région! Oui, il y a bel et bien une scène éclatée, voire dissimulée dans les environs. Écoutez la voix d’un grand connaisseur, Jo Chapeau, nom qui […]

Basement 819 du 11 juin 2014 :: La Nouvelle Scène nous sort en grand! Trouvez les meilleurs sièges pour la Coupe du monde de la FIFA! Festoyez, c’est l’été!

C’est parti pour vrai. L’été est débarqué avec la promesse de faire briller la région avec des événements festifs. La Nouvelle-Scène toute emballlée Le jour du lancement de la programmation 2014-2015, le théâtre de la Nouvelle-Scène obtenait son permis de construction pour prendre pignon sur rue sur King Edward à Ottawa. En attendant d’obtenir un […]