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PSY is a Wild Ride

Last night PSY, the new circus project from Les 7 Doigts de la Main, opened to an enraptured audience at the NAC theatre. The show features a dynamic and engaging mix of theatre, circus, and dance (not that kind of dance; the cool kind), and while the founding members of Les 7 Doigts are alumni of […]

La musique soufflée de Totem Électrique

Article de Cindy Savard L’artiste novateur Jean-François Laporte, fondateur et directeur artistique des Productions Totem Contemporain présentera ce jeudi 9 juin à DAÏMON un événement de la série Totem Électrique. Jadis ingénieur civil, Jean-François a effectué un virage professionnel voué à se consacrer à la création musicale. Un bel amalgame de compétences ont donc été […]

Master Cameron Eric Leon’s Gender Blending Birthday Bender

Drag! Burlesque! Musicians! Welcome to the event page for the fourth edition of “Master Cameron Eric Leon’s Gender Blending Birthday Bender!” The GBBB’s mission is to create a show that challenges your notions of gender while centering the artistic pursuits of gay, queer and trans babes- and of course, ENTERTAINS YOUR SOCKS OFF. This is […]

[working space]

[working space] is an exhibition developed as part of a curating course at the University of Ottawa. Starting with the theme of ‘engage’ and focusing on how the process of curating exposes the connections between theory and practice, art history and visual art, [working space] concentrates on artworks and concepts that unfold and develop on […]

GROUNDED at The Gladstone with Alexis Scott

She’s got it all. Beauty. Brains. A body as finely honed as a Sidewinder missile. That’s her job, and her passion. Fighter pilot. Ace. So what happens when she’s a big success at motherhood, too? Iran. Iraq. Afghanistan. This is how it is when our feminism is really on the line. Eleanor Crowder directs. Alexis […]

Not Normal – Experimental Electronic Synth

Low Noise Productions and Possible Worlds present … Not Normal – monthly night of experimental / electronic music with live performances. Guest performers this month – live synth / noise sets by Paraphonique (Low Noise Productions / Jeunesse Cosmique) Final Fall (Low Noise Productions) RAAS Starts at 9 pm