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Ottawa gay community

Snowblower offers up a healthy, sex-positive festival for guys into guys

Snowblower is an annual winter festival that addresses the unique health and wellness needs of gay men in Ottawa. It’s a community-based festival organized out of the Aids Coalition of Ottawa (ACO), with programming designed to engage men who have sex with men in a sex-positive dialogue about their health. Over 11 days in February, […]

Queer and Present Danger: LGBT Comedy Showcase

QUEER AND PRESENT DANGER : Canada’s Touring LGBTQ Comedy Showcase returns to Ottawa for another TWO NIGHT, Queer Comedy EXTRAvganza!!! Featuring Local LGBTQ+ Comedy Bae’s Laura McLean and Tommy Fitz with… WAIT FOR THIS DREAM LINE-UP… Kyle Brownrigg, Tranna Wintour AND Chantel Marostica (MEEEEE!!) Tuesday, January 9th – 8:30PM Local Opener Laura McLean!!! Kyle Brownrigg, […]

Soirée “Gais, Francophones et Fiers!” / “Gais, Francophone et Fiers!” Event

The “Gais, Francophone et Fiers!” Event is an evening for French-speaking and francophile members of the gay community from both sides of the Ottawa River. It is organized by Groupe gais francophone de l’Outaouais, a group composed of more than 400 members representing the French-speaking gay community in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. For more information: […]