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Moonfruits + Cheshire Carr at The Blacksheep Inn

CHESHIRE CARR // From diverse musical backgrounds, this Montreal-based folk-rock collective combines the intimacy of a coffee shop folk act and the energy of a festival jam band. The band has been touring bars and festivals since 2014, gathering a following of loyal fans. They now present Odds and Ends, their first album, released […]

Marvest: Apt613 presents Moonfruits

Two years ago, at Strathcona Park under a moonlit sky, Alex Millaire and Kaitlin Milroy discovered they had an instant musical chemistry, as they sat with a guitar and voices bonded in a natural blend of ideas. The two admitted that magical moment happened during “The Sunny Side Of The Street”, which opened the floodgates […]

WuFest brings together all that is good in Ottawa

WuFest brings together all that is good in Ottawa. No, unfortunately it doesn’t celebrate the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, but it does bring together some of Canada’s (untapped) talent in a celebration of creativity — specifically the musical and photographic kind. Ming Wu is the prolific and omnipresent concert photographer who has been snapping away at […]