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Lesley Marshall

Video of the week: Up In My Head with Lesley Marshall

[youtube][/youtube] Editor’s note: Lesley’s video was recently featured on Weird Canada, a site that connects and promotes creative musicians and artists across Canada. Post by Keltie Duncan. Paralleling the move from CD to vinyl with digital download, Ottawa artist and filmmaker Lesley Marshall brings us a VHS transfer, with digital download, of her multi-camera, multi-format recording of […]

World Premiere of “Murder… at the Circus!”

Premiering at the Bytowne Cinema this November Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Murder… At The CIRCUS! Is an audience-pleasing spectacle that showcases the fresh perspective of creative team Matt Miwa and Lesley Marshall.  The partnership’s follow-up venture to the delightfully cockamamie Captain Sorelski and the Women in Search of SPACEGOLD, the film was funded by SAW Video in […]