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Gladstone Theatre

So much theatre: The Fly with Stones party at the GCTC

One might expect that two theatres located within a twenty-minute walk from one another—and with a similar core audience demographic—would have some kind of frosty, dramatic rivalry. Not so, in the case of the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the Gladstone Theatre. These two theatres have somewhat of a shared history; before the GCTC moved into […]

How it Works: Theatre You’ll Want to See Twice

As a natural pessimist, I get antsy when a director stands in front of the audience at a season launch and announces that he’s directing a play because he was asked to and likes to work, giving no details as to the plot or the nature of the play, or even what makes it special […]

Review: Sherlock Holmes – The case of the Hansom Cab Killer

One of the essential ingredients for a successful live comedy is audience involvement.  I don’t mean audience members being brought up on stage; I mean pervasive and sustained audience laughter at whatever is happening on stage. Unfortunately, on opening night of Black Sheep Theatre’s farce Sherlock Holmes – The Case of the Hansom Cab Killer, […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Home Reno Show giveaway

So, it’s cold. You’ve probably already discussed this around the water cooler today – there’s nothing like weather to get people riled up. So change the conversation and talk about your weekend plans – the city is hopping this weekend! Chinatown Remixed, that summertime street festival, has joined up with the Museum of Nature this […]

Art at the Gladstone theatre + ticket giveaway

80 minutes (no intermission) | Drama | Mature content What is Art? For example, is a meat dress Art? The public can be very passionate and blunt expressing opinions about this question. (As are the characters in Yamina Reza’s play Art.) But there are subtexts to these public debates. The debates become particularly heated when […]

Rollicking satire kicks off the season at The Gladstone

I knew we were in for a fun evening when the audience laughed within the first minute of The School for Wives. They kept laughing throughout the rest of the play. Understandable when you consider the quality of the script, the direction, and the acting. Moliere wrote The School for Wives the year he married […]

Bouffon at the Gladstone

Comedy is difficult to do well. Bouffon is even more difficult. Bouffon is a style of theatre whose main focus is the art of mockery. According to Wikipedia, bouffon performance techniques include “burlesque, commedia dell’arte, farce, gallows humour, parody, satire and slapstick”. Any of these are tough to master; to master all of them requires […]

Freezing: A winning panto! + ticket giveaway

Freezing, the family friendly holiday production at The Gladstone Theatre, embraces an inventive plot line steering away from the movie loosely echoed in the title. Familiarity bred anticipations and comfort, with many young girls in attendance decked out in their finest Anna and Elsa gear, while original storytelling guaranteed the production was no poor man’s […]

The darkly funny Marion Bridge is on at The Gladstone

130 minutes (including one intermission) / Drama | Parental Guidance The striking first impression of this production is how good the casting is. Robin Guy, Shawna Pasini and Cindy Beaton are immediately believable as sisters Agnes, Theresa and Louise. The MacKeigan sisters (hard-drinking actress Agnes, teetotaling nun Theresa and television-addicted, unemployed Louise) are gathered in […]

End of Civilization: A terrific Ottawa premiere at The Gladstone

Either you love Toronto playwright George F. Walker’s gritty dramas with their oh-so-dysfunctional characters or you hate his pitch-black works littered with f-bombs, guns and booze.  Personally, I can’t get enough – there aren’t many other writers who explore the underbelly of Canadian society with so much empathy.  And humour. So I was thrilled that […]

Comedy Explodes in Ottawa this Weekend

If you’ve ever found yourself walking about this city and thinking something the lines of, “I’m simply not laughing anymore,” you might be in for a surprise treat this weekend. Why? Because this weekend will see a veritable explosion of stand-up comedy in the form of Comedy Explosion, a pre-Ottawa Explosion explosion of comedy! Featuring […]

Norman continues to conquer in Living Together

There’s a not-to-be-missed theatrical treat at The Gladstone! Living Together is the second of a theatrical triple-header called The Norman Conquests.  You can read my review of the first play, Table Manners here.  I’ve learned since then that Alan Ayckbourn wrote this brilliant trio of plays in a mere 10 days.  One patron on opening night […]