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So Much Theatre: The GCTC’s 2012/2013 line up

On Wednesday afternoon, the Great Canadian Theatre Company announced the six productions that will make up its 2012–13 season—a season without a name, but that will be characterized by “heart and humour,” according to outgoing Artistic Director Lise Ann Johnson. The season will kick off this September with The Secret Mask, a semiautobiographical tragicomedy by […]

So much theatre: The Fly with Stones party at the GCTC

One might expect that two theatres located within a twenty-minute walk from one another—and with a similar core audience demographic—would have some kind of frosty, dramatic rivalry. Not so, in the case of the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the Gladstone Theatre. These two theatres have somewhat of a shared history; before the GCTC moved into […]

The Secret Mask: Compelling in its familiarity

What’s funny about a stroke? Plenty. Enough, at least, to make for a play that’s sensitive and humorous in equal measure. The Secret Mask is a richly-written text given a worthy, full interpretation by three talented performers and a promising start to the Great Canadian Theatre Company’s 2012–13 season. In The Secret Mask, Winnipeg businessman […]

So Much Theatre: Fly Me to the Moon

No matter how routine your job, you never really know what you’re going to find when you go in to work. What starts as a regular shift for Belfast home-care workers Loretta Mackie (Margo MacDonald) and Frances Shields (Mary Ellis) quickly turns into a question of scruples when their client dies on the toilet on […]

Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box an adventure

Post by Laura Freitag In the middle of Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box she advises, “When one is on an adventure, one must see it through to the end.”  Aguirre has not simply lived her adventures; she compelled them into existence. Blue Box is an hour and a half long one-woman show performed by a revolutionary-witch-lover-prophet-comedienne, Carmen Aguirre. […]

Undercurrents (the art exhibit) opens at Fritzi Gallery

The Lorraine Fritzi Gallery at the GCTC is a space dedicated to exploring the relationship between visual art and theatre. For each play that opens at the GCTC, an artist creates a body of work to reflect the story presented on the stage. Last Thursday was the vernissage of Undercurrents at the Fritzi, a companion […]

photo of Parliament Hill at Dusk

Apartment613 Live for February 7th

Listen here or on iTunes! On this week’s Apartment613 Live I caught up  with Patrick Gauthier to chat about what’s going on at this year’s Undercurrents Festival at the GCTC. There is a pretty great line-up at this year’s festival. You can also read a few reviews from our own theatre blogger, Andrew Snowdon, on Apartment613. I […]

Satirical play offers a fresh (and funny) look at Prime Minister Harper

Canadian federal politics, we are repeatedly told, is becoming increasingly polarised.  The person that many people blame for this division is Prime Minister Harper. A new comedy at the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC), however, offers a unique perspective on Canada’s federal leader, by presenting a witty story that challenges political partisans of all stripes. Opening the […]

Meredith Luce & The Mandates perform music from Creatures

Meredith Luce’s latest album, Creatures, has taken two years to complete. Luce has been focused on other things. She got married last year and bought a 100-year-old farmhouse on a one-acre lot in Kemptville. Then a horseback riding accident left her with some time on her hands. “I had an opportunity to record at Gallery Studio with Dean […]

Undercurrents Theatre Festival: A Quiet Sip of Coffee

There are some things on which playwrights Anthony Johnston and Nathan Schwartz agree. They agree that they wrote a prank letter to a fundamentalist “ex-gay” organization. They asked for funds to develop a new play. The organization invited them to workshop the play at the group’s rural retreat. The offer was conditional: they had to […]

This is War shows the human scars caused by Canada’s military role in Afghanistan

Hannah Moscovitch has been called Canada’s most competent and hottest young playwright.  This praise extends abroad, with such publications as the Chicago Tribune and The Guardian recognising her talent. Watching her newest play This is War, which runs at the Great Canadian Theatre Company until February 23, it is clear why the 35-year-old has received so much acclaim. Set in Afghanistan […]

Lawyers prepare a GCTC take-over

As surely as buds bloom so too at this time of year are Ottawa lawyers found limbering up to break some legs. Not those of disgruntled clients but of the theatrical nature as they come together for the annual “Lawyer Play”. This yearly fundraiser brings together legal eagles of all stripes: criminal, corporate, civil, family, […]