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I can haz take-out? – Now with more Internets!

  It’s easy to find an excuse not to cook. The weather was actually nice in Ottawa for the first time in a while this past weekend – and if you are not the cooking type – there’s no sense wasting a perfectly good weekend making yourself food. Enjoy your life! Throw off the tethers […]

Ron Eade: Taking a Bite out of Life

Ron Eade got me cooking in the kitchen as soon as I walked into his home. The recently retired food editor for the Ottawa Citizen was whipping up some shrimp and grits, and called on me for help. I will be the first to admit that my cooking skills are subpar (I had always thought […]

plate of pork stew

Red Apron does 100 mile meals

A lot of people are talking about 100 mile diets. Eating more local food seems like a natural way to support the local economy and reduce the amount of transportation it takes to get food onto our table. The Red Apron, a local staple in the budding foodie haven of Gladstone Avenue, is finding ways […]

Kingston Restaurant Takeover: A Tale of Two Cities

This past Monday, Chef Clark Day of Kingston’s AquaTerra by Clark Restobistro gave us a real night on the Town (pun intended). He was visiting one of Elgin Street’s funkiest  bistros as part of the Kingston Restaurant Takeover, which brought some of Kingston’s finest culinarians to Ottawa to show off their skills. We were lucky […]

Snubbing Ottawa? Keeping our place with Canada’s foodie greats

The only two restaurants from Ottawa on Maclean’s top 50 list of best Canadian restaurants are Play Food & Wine and Sidedoor, but the critics don’t agree. Are these the only two restaurants in Ottawa worthy of being named Canada’s crème de la crème? It seems the popular weekly magazine improperly selected the title of their article – again. On September […]

Pigging out at Revelry House

Written by Yasmin Nissim and Chris Cline. This past Sunday we had the opportunity to experience The Pig Out, a truly unique and intimate outdoor dining experience right here in Ottawa. The event was the brainchild of Stephanie and Chantal Albert, along with Kelly Brisson of local gastronomy blog The Gouda Life. Initially we were […]

My Neighbourhood Bites: Searching for Ottawa’s hidden foodie talent

Ottawa residents are privileged by the rich cultural culinary landscape and all it has to offer. Mexican, sushi, Mediterranean, and of course, shawarma, are typically all available in Ottawa’s various neighborhoods. However, while great food is right around the corner, we all have our special recipes that we can’t wait to show off to friends, […]

Cooking & Cracking Wise on the Web: Welcome to Eva Bee’s Jamboree

Once upon a time, when she was wrapping up a degree in environmental science, Ivana Borojevic (aka Eva Bee) had an idea for a show that would inspire folks to eat locally and have fun with their food. Five years later, Eva Bee’s Jamboree was born as a web series featuring Eva in various kitchens […]

Looking for a good shuck? Check out the Elmdale!

I recently had the opportunity over the holidays to exchange emails with Peter McCallum and Joshua Bishop of Whalesbone Oyster House on Bank Street concerning their acquisition of the Elmdale Tavern in Hintonburg. Their joint ownership became official just after Christmas, though you may remember some hoopla a few months back when this purchase was […]

Foodie Friday: Crowdsourcing dinner at the Urban Element

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s too many cooks in the kitchen”, but that isn’t a problem at Hintonburg’s Urban Element – they’ve just made the kitchen bigger! My husband and I have been meaning to take a cooking class at the Element for some time now and we were finally able to this past […]

Valentine’s Day Roundup

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching love is in the air (or yet again, it may just be your breath that you’re seeing with the ridiculous cold weather outside). Before we digress, however, let’s proudly proclaim that as hardy Canadians full of love we won’t let Mother Nature get in the way of romance. So if you still have […]

Weekend roundup: not Bluesfest yet edition

The headline says it all folks. Yesterday’s lineup announcement for Ottawa’s largest blues festival that also features electro, hip hop and prog rock sparked a flurry of online discussion and excitement. But if this weekend is any indication, we don’t need to wait until July to take in some wicked-ass music. The organizers of the […]

Apartment613 Live for March 21, 2013: Foodie madness!

Listen here or on iTunes. It was foodie madness on the show this week, and Ryan and Jared were joined for the whole show by foodiePrints‘ own Don Chow. In a week filled with foodie news, Algonquin College announced a new bursary for culinary excellence in honour of former Ottawa Citizen food editor Ron Eade. Part […]

Richard’s Hintonburg Kitchen: Yet another win for west-end foodies

Despite the lack of a sign over the door, the opening of Richard’s Hintonburg Kitchen over the weekend was one of the neighbourhood’s worst kept secrets. And while west-enders are rejoicing over yet another high calibre addition to a neighbourhood already packed with foodie destinations, it must be a weight off the back of founder and […]