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Ottawa Comedy Xmas Party Year 3

Ottawa Comedy Xmas Party. Yo 2017 was a flippin mess. Come one, come all. Drink and celebrate December and the incoming 2018 with a really fun(sad) group of comics. There will be a show to raise funds for the Ottawa Food Bank followed by a whatever Open Mic/Feats of Strength… We’ll have a “dj” and drinks are […]

Crush Ten

Crush Improv’s Tenth Anniversary Special, at The Gladstone Theare, with shows at 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11pm on Saturday December 9th. One ticket gets you into everything, starting at $5. Celebrate a decade of improvised comedy in Ottawa with Ottawa’s improv darlings and special guests!

Office Hours by Norm Foster

A laugh-out-loud comedy in two acts taking place in six different offices in a Canadian city. One of Foster’s funniest plays.

Fringe Review: Searching For Party

By Sandy Gibson 60 min | Comedy, Drama | PG The first question that will pop into one’s head when considering whether to see Searching for Party is: “Do I need to be a gamer to enjoy it?” I’m happy to report that as far as I’m concerned, the answer is no. Gamers may be […]

Fringe Review: Rideshares & Rope Swings

By David Currie 60 minutes | Comedy, Drama | PG I’ve got to be honest, I was excited for this show. But when I got there, my excitement totally paid off. Hah! Classic misdirect! Rideshares and Rope Swings is an absolutely astonishing comedy about life and death featuring the terrific pairing of Zoe Towne and […]

Fringe Review: Magic Unicorn Island

By David Currie 60 minutes | Comedy, Drama, Solo | PG Magic Unicorn Island sold out again and anyone who sees it can understand why. The horrors of war are so viscerally presented, so nuanced is the exploration of the theme and it is so artfully developed that the ending of this comedy had me in tears. […]

Fringe Review: GET LOST jem rolls

By Julia Bueneman 55 minutes | Storytelling, Comedy, Solo | PG When was the last time you got lost or, better yet, lost yourself? Jem Rolls’s latest show is a fantastic reminder that when you are stagnant, you are stuck. A beautifully composed, captivating piece that is not only a commentary on the tourism industry […]

Fringe Review: Rideshares & Rope Swings

By Julia Bueneman 60 minutes | Comedy, Drama | PG Heartwarming, heart-wrenching, adorable and charming: Genevieve (Zoe Towne) and Reid (Matt Hertendy) have incredible onstage chemistry. Rapid-fire dialogue, hilarious one-liners, brilliant writing, and wonderfully elaborate characters: this is a show that has everything (and a little bit of unexpected more). Two strangers embark on a […]

Fringe Review: GARY

60 minutes |Comedy, Drama | Mature GARY defies description for a number of reasons. To give away too much of the plot would diminish the experience, for one thing. Explaining every detail of what happens would take nearly as long as the show itself — there’s a lot going on in just an hour, on […]