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Canada Science and Technology Museum


Galatecha is an evening of exploring the intersection of art and technology. Throughout the night, the line between reality and the virtual will be blurred. Explore the museum by night to the futuristic beats of DJ Del Pilar & the Full Time Groove. See event-exclusive interactive installations like a VR Art Gallery, a musical performance […]

Extreme Makeover: Science and Tech Museum reopens with new look and new approach

There are vintage microscopes and medical devices, the world’s first musical synthesizer (invented by Ottawa physicist Hugh Le Caine), an Iron Man-like diving suit and much more. Spread across 11 exhibition spaces, the subject areas range from Into the Great Outdoors to Wearable Tech. There is the wild array of 700 objects in the Artifact Alley central hallway and the hands-on fun of Zooom, a play space specifically designed for kids 8 and under.