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Bytowne Cinema

Diverciné : Les écrans de la Francophonie à découvrir

Avis à tous les cinéphiles, le festival Diverciné : les écrans de la Francophonie du monde, est enfin de retour à Ottawa. À partir du 2 mars, et ce, jusqu’au 11 mars, plusieurs films francophones seront à l’honneur dans la capitale nationale. Vous aurez la chance de découvrir des films de divers pays francophones, dont […]

DiverCiné – World Cinema from La Francophonie highlights the cultures of the French-speaking world

Language is a tricky thing. Here in Canada, and particularly in Ottawa, we’re keenly aware of the complexities that can arise when languages, and cultures, come together. Language simultaneously unites communities who share it and alienates those who do not. Language is a way of exploring the differences between us: that doesn’t have to be […]

Tru Love opens the upcoming InsideOut Film Fest

This light romantic film is also a definite tearjerker if you’re sensitive or oblivious to foreshadowing. It’s the story of three women whose lives intersect serendipitously and intertwine to bring about credible character change. The heart does crack open through heartbreak; if you’ve never experienced this kind of loss, then you may not fully understand […]

Fellowship of the Blog: Ottawa Indie Film, Episode Three

Today we bring you the third episode in Jith Paul’s series, Ottawa Indie Film. This installment features filmmaker Rhiana Chinapen.  Her interest in social justice issues drew her to documentaries and her work planning Ottawa’s One World Film Festival which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.  She recently completed her first film, an exploration of Capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial […]

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ce weekend?

  Welcome back to the weekend, Ottawa. From maple goodness to laughs to extreme sports, this weekend has got it all. Ready, set, find your scene. Festivals The Great Canadian Maple Festival is here! Head down to City Hall all weekend long and tap into the sweetness. Maple everything, craft beer and chainsaw carving for […]

Tickling Giants: Speaking truth to power

Known as the “Egyptian Jon Stewart,” Bassem Youssef started his own Daily Show-style YouTube show, which he filmed from his basement laundry room. It became very popular, very quickly. This Wednesday June 7, ByTowne Cinema will screen Tickling Giants, a documentary film about Al Bernameg – the most popular political satire show in the Middle East.

World Premiere of “Murder… at the Circus!”

Premiering at the Bytowne Cinema this November Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Murder… At The CIRCUS! Is an audience-pleasing spectacle that showcases the fresh perspective of creative team Matt Miwa and Lesley Marshall.  The partnership’s follow-up venture to the delightfully cockamamie Captain Sorelski and the Women in Search of SPACEGOLD, the film was funded by SAW Video in […]

Ottawa Digital Story Film Screening

In “My Story is my Strength“, CHEO researchers worked with young moms at the Youville Centre to explore health through digital storytelling. Given the opportunity to share a message about any aspect of health, 18 young mothers created digital stories about topics like mental health, child health, discrimination, and resilience. Come see their stories on the BIG screen at […]