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Beethoven’s Ninth

BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 9 “Choral” By the time his 9th Symphony premiered in Vienna in 1824, Ludwig van Beethoven – an overtly humanist and political composer – was profoundly deaf, and he heard not a single note of it. As the first choral symphony ever written by a major composer, his 9th broke with the Classical […]

Beethoven Piano Marathon 2

The music that Beethoven composed for the piano is still such a favourite with young musicians that it is worthy of a marathon! This family-friendly piano marathon will see beginner and intermediate level pianists tickle the ivories to the tune of their favourite Beethoven work. Drop in at your leisure or stay for the entire […]

Beethoven Piano Marathon 1

Did you know that Beethoven started off as a pianist? His deafness prevented him from pursuing a career as a pianist, but as a composer, he wrote 32 beautiful piano sonatas. In fact, they are so beautiful, that we are giving them their own piano marathon! Senior-level music students from the Ottawa-Gatineau Region will deliver […]

Beethoven Symphony No. 7

BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 7 BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 8 Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 exudes a cheerful exuberance of celestial proportion. Composed at the same time as the celebrated “Immortal Beloved” letters of 1812, the mysterious 10-page note was penned by the lovelorn composer over the course of two days. Found only after his death, its addressee remains unknown […]

Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony

BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 4 BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 6, “Pastoral” “A Titan, wrestling with the gods”, was how Richard Wagner aptly described Beethoven and his music. Symphony No. 4 bears the unmistakable stylistic fingerprint of the bold composer: strength, spirited manipulations of harmony and key, and structure shaped by innovation and ingenuity. Beethoven is also to many, the […]

Free Family entertainment : Ludwig van Cranky Pants

Looking at a bust of Ludwig van Beethoven, the Marjo² are puzzled by his angry expression and decide to go out on a journey to discover what made him appear so gloomy. Take out your bows and get ready for a most surprising musical investigation! Theatre meets concert in this quirky, comical performance featuring the […]

Beethoven’s Fifth

BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 5 The NAC Orchestra brings to life Beethoven’s electrifying and tempestuous Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. Groundbreaking when it debuted in 1808, the world’s most famous symphony gives virtually every instrument in the orchestra a solo, each individual voice on a collective journey culminating in powerful triumph. One would be hard-pressed to find anyone […]

Free Noon Hour Concerts

Make the most of your noon hour by strolling over to the NAC to take in a relaxing concert of chamber music. The Focus Festival brings you six noon-hour concerts, one for every weekday of the 10-day festival and each one presenting a choice of Beethoven String quartets. Taking place at the Glass Thorsteinson Staircase, the stunning […]

Free Post-concert event : Musical Salons

It’s a time warp back to the 19th century! In Beethoven’s era, folks used to gather ‘round at home, where the flicker of a candle and a musical instrument was all that was need for an evening of merrymaking. Friends and family would play music, laugh and drink into the wee hours. Our post concert musical salons take you back […]

Opening Night with Beethoven

BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 1 BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 2 BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 3, “Eroica” Beethoven’s first three symphonies are invested with every quality of the human condition, brilliantly illuminating the young composer’s humanist and idealistic beliefs. Lose yourself in this unforgettable evening of music from Ludwig van Beethoven, the musical superstar of the 19th century whose work has inspired, […]

Beethoven Pop-up Exhibit | Exposition contextuelle Beethoven

Our Beethoven Pop-up Exhibit invites you to stroll through our gorgeous public spaces, where you will find pop-up info-stations placed throughout. Each info-station contains facts and images about Beethoven’s life and work. The pop-up exhibit will be on-site for the duration of the FOCUS festival. – Créée par le Beethoven Centre au San Jose State University, notre exposition […]

Concert Review: Trio Grand-Duc

Alex Binkley: “Trio Grand-Duc is a relative newcomer to [the scene] but if their performance at MacKay United Church is any indication of their potential, the three young musicians have a brilliant future ahead.”

Music for the season

There are undoubtedly many ways to celebrate the arrival of spring with music. The Divertimento Orchestra delivered an enjoyable and inspiring tribute to the end of winter at its final concert of the season April 22 and 23. It opened with Gaetano Donizetti’s Overture to Don Pasquale, a short piece that frequently changes tone and […]