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Support Local: Self Propelled displays the art of cycling

By Apartment613 on November 5, 2012

Post by Julia Bustos

New in town, I still experience a bit of a culture shock when I’m running around. For starters and despite preconceived notions, Ottawa has a fair share of cultural happenings for folks wanting to get involved. Secondly, events tend to be all inclusive; kids, dogs, parents and grandparents are all in attendance, all keen.

So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when I walked into the Five Cents tattoo studio for the Self Propelled art show and, like, everyone was there. The combination of an awesome location, delish Kichesippi beer, snacks and bicycle inspired art made up the perfect recipe for a packed show.

Baron Karl Drais would have rolled over in his grave Friday night. Aside from the fact women wear pants and have rights or whatever, the notion that his precious ‘dandy horse’ (look it up) led to the art that was on the walls would have blown his mind. There was everything from mixed media, watercolors, acrylic and china ink, to installations with bike parts themselves. The Kichessipi beer bike was propped in a corner, a feathered bike dangled from the ceiling, and etched bike seats hung from the wall.

Self Propelled is a very adequate title for an event that took place during Support Local month. When looking up definitions of bicycle, the keywords ‘Human Powered’ also struck a chord. This town that was described to me as ‘sleepy’ is revealing itself to be nothing of the sort. Between packed art shows, Plaid Parades, and over 80 businesses, artists, musicians, shops and more involved in Support Local month, Ottawa is merely ruffling up its feathers and gaining the momentum for a big leap. And you are smack dab in the middle of it.

So let’s all hop on our bikes and human-power Ottawa full blast into supporting local. Get involved—head over to the events page and check out what’s happening close to you. Use the hashtag #support613 and don’t forget to wear a helmet.