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Style File: Ottawa Style Mavens Take to the Streets

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I took to the streets of Ottawa during some days of great weather, not knowing who I would meet or what they might be wearing. Unlike some previous Style File posts I had no specific theme in  mind, I just knew I wanted to see something ‘original’. These ladies pulled off varying eclectic styles from a range of sources, some surprising. At the end of the day, every person, every outfit had a story.
Occupation: Works at a community resource centre for seniors
Her outfit:
Headband – Mom’s closet
Sunglasses – H&M
Dress – Dynamite
Shoes – A market in India
Her attitude/inspiration: “Reflect your personality, take pride, and have fun. Audrey Hepburn is an inspiration because of her classic elegance and simplicity.”
Occupation: General Manager of the Mercury Lounge;  Production, House of SAS
Her outfit: 
Boots – Sirens
Dress – Ragtime Vintage Clothing
Jacket – Forever21
Accessories – Le Chateau and the  lost and found at the Mercury Lounge
Her attitude/inspiration: “Fabulous daywear. You don’t need a reason to get dressed up.”
Name: EMMA L
Occupation: Communications Advisor
Her outfit:
Earrings – Value Village
Sweater – Walmart
Dress –  Walmart
Shoes –  Walmart
Her attitude/inspiration: “Bohemian chic. I have my own style and I don’t depend on other people for inspiration. I just know it when I see it.”
Occupation: Analyzer of Policies
Her outfit: 
Jacket – Femme de Carriere
Skirt – Le Chateau
Shirt – Laura
Shoes – Lola Ramona (wow!)
Purse – Femme de Carriere
Her attitude/inspiration
Occupation: Just came back after six months away doing grad research, stopping in 20 different airports in Europe and Asia.
Her outfit:
Shirt – Italian knitwear purchased in Paris
Skirt – Winners, Ottawa (she said she bought it because it reminded her of a postcard)
Bag – Kate Spade
Sunglasses – Sears Rideau Centre (on sale!)
Necklace – Spain (in Sevilla during Semana Santa)
Bracelet – Vienna
Shoes – Aerosoles
Her attitude/inspiration: “I find something evocative because of its quality. The store on Sussex Drive, Ca Va de Soi, is a good example. You know it’s good quality, and you don’t need a label to distinguish it. This is something important in life as well as clothing!”



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