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Step aside Burt Bacharach: Remi Royale takes Lounge Music to the extreme

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Forget crooning men in slick suits; Remi Royle is not your grandmother’s lounge singer. Royale, a comedy/music act that plays the first and last Sunday of each month at the Manx Pub (370 Elgin), is the type of act you either love… or hate. The contentious act is now the subject of a mini-documentary by Algonquin Documentary Arts student Julien Sokol, who first saw Royale in action a year and a half ago.

I remember his performance had a very polarizing effect on the audience. Half the people seemed to like it, and the other half seemed really annoyed by it. That part always stayed with me…the kind of love/hate relationship audiences have with him.

The video was Sokol’s first mini doc, although he is planning on creating others. If you want to see what side of Remi Royale fence you stand on, catch his next show at the Manx on January 22.

Bonus: Click here for a video of Royale’s experience appearing on The Price is Right in the 1990s.


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